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I’m a Computer Science Major at Santa Clara University!


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May 2022-June 2023 Polygence-researcher @ Polygence

Conducted an extensive investigation into the relationship between social media and body dysmorphia.
Explored the effects of prolonged exposure to digitally altered body images on the mental health of diverse age groups.
Analyzed individuals’ self-perception of their bodies in the context of social media exposure.
Authored a comprehensive 17-page research paper detailing findings.
Successfully published research in the Journal of Secondary Psychological Studies.
Developed advanced data analysis skills for deciphering complex behavioral patterns and statistical relationships.

April 2021-Dec 2021 Small Business Marketing Internship @ NextGenPurpose

Contributed to a startup’s mission of supporting entrepreneurs in launching and growing their businesses.
Helped increase their Essential Ingredient Podcast to gain over 400k downloads
Managed and curated content for Instagram and LinkedIn posts, amplifying the company’s online presence.
Developed and executed an informative newsletter to engage the target audience and promote better food choices.
Proactively reached out to businesses through email, LinkedIn, fostering strategic partnerships and securing sponsorships.
Assisted in identifying and recruiting guests for podcast episodes, enriching the content and networking opportunities for the company’s dynamic community events.

N/A AngularJS Personal Project @ N/A

Weather App: Crafted an interactive weather forecasting application that provides real-time weather information, including forecasts, humidity, and wind speed
created a user-friendly interface, design and prototyping UX layout
To-Do List App: Engineered to-do list application to efficiently manage tasks, set priorities, and track progress
Both projects involve Typescript, HTML Java, C++, and python

March 2020 – June 2022 Art Teacher: Personal Project @ N/A

During COVID-19 pandemic, proactively organized and facilitated free Zoom art classes
benefitting and engaging with 23 children
Employed innovative teaching methods to instruct students in fundamental artistic techniques, including shading, color theory, and water painting, fostering their creative and artistic development.
Created a project website exhibiting my students’ artistic exploration and development.
This platform showcased video tutorials of my lessons
Link to website: https://prakritipatnaik123.wixsite.com/mysite

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