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Anthony Manning


We have had quite a few applicants now and we have decided to close the advert. We will be sure to come straight to you with any further requests for advertising jobs.

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Gabriel Nolan

Nuffield Health

Jobicy were extremely efficient and effective – taking time to establish exactly what our requirements were and suggesting actions to achieve the desired outcome.

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Charla Walton

The Cheese Boy

I look forward to continuing to use Jobicy and congratulate the site for being successful – I have not renewed some of the other job boards I have trialled!

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Work remotely from home as a digital nomad.

Career Advice Journal

Our journal for the latest careers and workplace advice.

  1. How to Have a Great Day at Work

    A great workday is not rocket science, but the result of habits and behaviours, which when practised consistently can bring positive changes in your work and yourself.

  2. Finding a coach who will make a difference

    Look for a coach who will ask questions, not provide answers; will listen, not talk; who can disagree rather than agree with your assessment; and who will demand that you do not just teach others, but learn from them too.

  3. Bounce back from job loss in 5 simple steps

    Job loss can be a stressful and confusing phase in one's life. Instead of getting bogged down, explore opportunities to discover a new horizon and bring in a new sense of purpose and direction in life.

Flexible work

Remote, work from home, and flexible job opportunities.

Are you searching for the most recent home-based jobs? Do you require some leeway? Pick the best work agreement for you and set up a contemporary office at home. Browse hundreds of flexible jobs featuring remote working options. Whether you're searching for a career in finance, technology, marketing, design, or data science, we've got you covered.

A variety of top firms, including GitHub, Mozilla, and Figma, offer remote work opportunities. Remote companies hiring in 2022. Non-office work. Browse, connect and join a remote team today.


What is Jobicy?

Jobicy is an online career platform dedicated to connecting talented people who seek remote careers with innovative, forward-thinking companies that offer these positions.

What is the mission statement of Jobicy?

Our mission is to help great individuals connect with great companies. Since its inception in 2019, Jobicy has been on a mission to accelerate hiring process and simplify life for companies and people around the world.

Are people really working remotely?

The number of global workers that will be permanently remote is expected to double in 2022. Search and apply today for full time, contract or part time roles.