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Alviere empowers every business to provide financial services to its customers quickly and easily. By providing an advanced single-integration plug and play software service, Alviere streamlines and automates the delivery of financial products like banking, mobile payments, card issuance, payment processing and cross-border currency exchange, enabling its clients to strengthen customer relationships, increase revenue and maximize profits.

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A seamless checkout experience is imperative for online sales. There's a better way to manage merchant payment processing. Read more here.


#merchantpaymentprocessing #interchange #digitalrisk #compliance #financialservices

The old way isn't the smart way. Find out how Alviere propels cross-border payment innovation through embedded finance. Read more.


#crossborderpayments #financialservices #customerlifetimevalue #paymentservices #embeddedglobalpayments

You have loyal customers. Now what? Offering financial services directly to your best customers leads to a more revenue and deeper engagement. Read more.


#embeddedbanking #virtualaccounts #globaltransfers #brandedcards #debitcards #customerloyalty

Embedded finance is becoming increasingly popular as businesses seek to streamline their operations. A key example is the adoption of prepaid virtual cards instead of paper checks.


#replacepaperchecks #virtualcards #payments #financialservices

Alviere announces its turnkey loyalty offering, enabling enterprises to create next-generation rewards programs. Powered by the Alviere platform, brands can access new incentives to drive customer loyalty, such as prepaid cards and cryptocurrency. https://alviere.com/press/alviere-unveils-innovative-promotional-card-program

Prepaid card promotions drive new customer acquisition and retention programs. And, the right program can also provide other benefits like control over funding and breakage. Read more.


#promocards #promotionalcardprogram #prepaidcard #embeddedfinance

Live updates from @FintechMeetup

The "Putting Brands First with Embedded Finance" session is live.

#embeddedfinance #fintech

Fintech Meetup is LIVE. And today's panel on "Putting Brands First with Embedded Finance" is the hot ticket. The panel, which includes Alviere CEO Yuval Brisker, will lead participants through what it means to offer financial services to their customers.

Like many tech leaders, Alviere’s Co-founder & CEO, Yuval Brisker, spent last weekend navigating the news of Silicon Valley Bank's collapse. Brisker sat down to recount his timeline of events and to discuss how SVB’s collapse will impact the tech sector and more.

Issuing a virtual card with automated delivery through an app significantly reduces the expenses of mailing physical checks, including materials, postage, and effort. Learn more.


#rebate #replacepaperchecks #virtualcards #embeddedfinance

Capture new revenue for your organization with prepaid promotional card programs. Smarter funding and first-party customer spend data. See how below!


#promocards #newrevenue #financialservices #digitalbanking #promotionalcardprograms

The key to a successful loyalty program is understanding your customers' needs and preferences. Branded cards capture data on where customers are shopping outside of your own company.


#embeddedfinance #rewardsprogram #brandedcards #financialservices

Save ACH & bank fees and streamline your operation. Find out how you can enhance visibility, increase control, streamline efficiency, and have significant cost-savings with your own B2B payments ecosystem. Read more.


#piday #b2bpayments #embeddedfinance

Paper checks are becoming a thing of the past. Not only do they cost organizations a lot of money, but they also create an inconvenience for their customers. Read more here.


#financialservices #virtualcards #embeddedfinance

A B2B Payments Ecosystem empowers you to move funds and make payments across the world with ease. Send and receive payments in multiple countries and currencies, all from a single ledger. Read more.


#b2bpaymentsecoysystem #embeddedfinance #moneymovement

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Where is Alviere headquarters?

Alviere headquarters is located at New York.

When was Alviere founded?

Alviere was founded in 2020.

How many employees does Alviere have?

Alviere has 50+ employees.

What is Alviere's core business?

Alviere is Financial Services company.

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