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We help our clients enhance their best-in-class products and services around the world, including search engines, social media platforms, voice recognition systems, sentiment analysis, and eCommerce sites. All of that wouldn’t be possible without our team of more than 1 million flexible workers. The world of tech is moving fast, and we help our clients meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. We take pride in our diverse, international team and the flexible and full-time opportunities we offer.

Remote work is changing how the world does business, and we’re proud to be pioneers in the movement. If you’re looking for a work-from-home opportunity, join us! At Appen, our team is an international force to be reckoned with. Operating in over 130 countries and working in more than 180 languages and dialects, we support the work of some of the world’s top technology companies. With Appen, you’ll get to work on innovative projects and grow your skills – all on your own schedule.

Please be aware that Appen recruiters will only reach out to you via official channels (e.g., directly from @appen.com email addresses, or through our recruiters who are noted as such on LinkedIn). If you have suspicions about an interaction, ask for official email communications from an @appen.com. We will never ask you to send money to apply or start a job with us. We will also never send a check in advance. We will never ask you to send personal identifiable information outside of our secure job site, Appen Connect. All job applications should be submitted through our Jobs page to the applicable site.

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Happy Cesar Chavez Day! Let's honor his legacy fighting for farm workers' rights. Today, we acknowledge their challenges, but the future looks brighter with robotic systems revolutionizing #agriculture. ¡Sí se puede!

#CesarChavezDay #Robotics #FarmWorkers

The ultimate combo-- #blockchain and #AI! With blockchain, data storage is secure + decentralized. Adding AI makes #data management efficient + safe, especially in finance, healthcare, and gov industries. Share your thoughts on this #tech tag team!👇🏼

We're #Vegas bound!😎
Join us from March 26-29 at Shoptalk's 2023 #conference where we will showcase our industry-leading solutions for #AI and #machinelearning + more. We hope to see you there!

#shoptalk #appen

Ethical consideration is critical in the development and deployment of #AI technologies. Implementing a practice of Responsibility by Design puts #ethics at the forefront of your project. Learn more about it here: https://bit.ly/3IqsNZX

Discover the latest in #AI technology with #generativeAI avatars! Appen is at the forefront of this emerging field using machine learning, natural language processing, and RLHF. have you tried this #technology yet? https://bit.ly/41gN7pf

#ML #NLProc #GenerativeAvatars

Let's chat about #ChatGPT, the #AI #chatbot by @OpenAI that's making waves! 🌊 The Atlantic published an article discussing the pros and cons of it: https://bit.ly/3wE4VMO

Do you think ChatGPT should be banned from schools or not? Share your thoughts below! 💭

The latest in #AI from http://appen.com: Appen Reinforces AI Platform Commitment with the Appointment of R... https://bit.ly/401ojAx

The latest in #AI from http://appen.com: A Letter From Newly Appointed Appen CTO Saty Bahadur https://bit.ly/3FDlfm1

Happy #spring!🌸 Btw, did you know that AI + flowers make a perfect pair? Learn how @1800flowers used AI to boost efficiency + revenue: https://bit.ly/3Y2rTIK
At #Appen, we support your business with data solutions, so you can focus on growth and watch your business bloom! 🌼

St. Patrick's Day blessings to you! 🍀 As we celebrate, let's also acknowledge the role of #tech in avoiding cultural bias in #AI. At #Appen, we use natural language processing to ensure our models are trained on cultural nuances. Here's to responsible tech + luck o' the Irish!

Don't waste time analyzing documents! Our AI-powered document intelligence streamlines the process and provides accurate results, allowing you to make informed decisions and drive business growth. Unlock valuable insights from your data today: https://bit.ly/41sEkke

#AI #tech

The latest in #AI from http://appen.com: Onfido’s Search for a Flexible On-Premise Labeling Tool https://bit.ly/3lewJp3

Happy #PiDay! Take a bite of @Raspberry_Pi, a small & affordable computer designed to teach programming. It can also be used for #AI & #machinelearning! Check out their free course & our Pre-labelled Datasets: https://bit.ly/3iTIzDu


The latest in #AI from http://appen.com: Microsoft Translator: Making Knowledge Access Equitable https://bit.ly/400S2ZW

The latest in #AI from http://appen.com: Improving Safety on the Internet Through Search Relevance https://bit.ly/3yHvYaV

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Where is Appen headquarters?

Appen headquarters is located at Sydney.

When was Appen founded?

Appen was founded in 1996.

How many employees does Appen have?

Appen has 50+ employees.

What is Appen's core business?

Appen is Information Technology & Services company.

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