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Assurant, Inc. is a leading global business services company that supports, protects and connects major consumer purchases. A Fortune 300 company with a presence in 21 countries, Assurant supports the advancement of the connected world by partnering with the world’s leading brands to develop innovative solutions and to deliver an enhanced customer experience through mobile device solutions, extended service contracts, vehicle protection services, renters insurance, lender-placed insurance products and other specialty products.

Our Uncompromising Values

Our values guide the way we support our customers and work with one another.

Common Sense – We seek simple, straightforward solutions that keep life running smoothly for the clients and consumers we serve.

Common Decency – We act with integrity. We treat others with respect, courtesy, and kindness. We’re honest, transparent and committed to doing the right thing.

Uncommon Thinking – We’re never satisfied with the status quo. We seek diverse perspectives and thrive on challenge. We believe there’s always a way to build upon our successes.

Uncommon Results – We focus on actionable solutions that deliver measurable results. We approach each challenge with a sense of urgency, striving to exceed every expectation.

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As people spend more time at home, shared-use amenities are being used less while in-unit features are seen as essential. Read more about the shift: http://aizgo.co/6019MnypT

Congratulations to our September 12–16 attendees for completing the Automotive Training Academy's F&I Professionals Class in The Woodlands! Thank you for a great week! For training information, visit: http://aizgo.co/6015MpvNN

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Employing over 15,600 talented people around the world, Assurant is a leading global business services company that supports, protects & connects major consumer purchases for 300 million people around the world. Learn more about opportunities at Assurant: http://aizgo.co/6016MpcY8

As COVID-19 has moved more people to WFH, the challenges of turning a home into an office are becoming clearer. See how renters are compensating: http://aizgo.co/6018MTQvG

As more of our daily routines take place in the home, connectivity is becoming a necessity for renters. See what they are looking for: http://aizgo.co/6011MRldl
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Check out our infographic for a comprehensive look at the #mobiletradein and upgrade stats from Q2 2022! http://aizgo.co/6016MRY9a
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With the pandemic shifting the fabric of our day-to-day lives, the important features that renters look for in an apartment have also changed. See what is at the top of the list: http://aizgo.co/6013MPaqP

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Assurant's Device Trade-In Capability Expands Through A New Innovative Partnership with BuyBack Booth. Read more: http://aizgo.co/6015M3EP9

It’s a great time to begin cultivating the secondary device ecosystem for hearables and wearables, using the thriving trade-in market for smartphones. Read more from Assurant’s Scott Wagner: http://aizgo.co/6019My9Ih

Assurant has been recognized by Forbes as a “Best-In-State Employer” in Ohio! Thanks to our employees who anonymously recommended Assurant for this award. We appreciate you! Find out more about this recognition here: http://aizgo.co/6013M1t9t

We’re honored to have been recognized by Forbes as a “Best-In-State Employer” in Ohio. This honor is a result of employees who anonymously recommend Assurant for this award. Find out more about this recognition here: http://aizgo.co/6012M1zkA

As 3G networks are sunsetted globally, there is an emerging opportunity to deliver on industry sustainability goals with trade-in & upgrade programs, writes Assurant's Biju Nair. Read more: http://aizgo.co/6012MEeBw

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Where is Assurant headquarters?

Assurant headquarters is located at New York.

When was Assurant founded?

Assurant was founded in 1892.

How many employees does Assurant have?

Assurant has 50+ employees.

What is Assurant's core business?

Assurant is Insurance company.

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