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We fuel digital experiences with agency affiliates as their integrated global delivery partner.

As a global company that puts care into employee happiness, engineering excellence, and customer success, we are in striking contrast to the typical outsourcing option. We are a diverse team working remotely across many time zones, with success stories that back up capabilities, and a reputation for an unconventional work environment that empowers. We are the individuals directly challenging what it means to do global delivery differently for employees and partners.

Success management as our service framework operationally is part of who we are at Axelerant. All of our processes and practices are driven by this core, continuously iterated method. What this means is success management teams and success journey mapping for our partners.

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Why are businesses building custom multi-tenant and multi-client marketing automation platforms like #Mautic instead of subscribing to proprietary #SaaS solutions? 🧐

Find out with insights from @mr_prateekjain and Simran Sethi, our subject-area experts: https://bit.ly/3lJTXn0

From providing estimations to identifying risks—let's uncover the importance of #QA in sprint planning. 🤝

Learn about their roles and responsibilities in #AgileMethodology and how it contributes to successful delivery and customer satisfaction: https://bit.ly/42szunv

WCAG 2.2 extends requirements for users with limited fine motor skills, low vision, and cognitive impairments. Which of these is *not* a WCAG 2.2 success criterion?

Excited to announce that @GPTW_India has recognized us as one of the best workplaces prioritizing #HealthAndWellness. 🧡

Here’s to our team for prioritizing their holistic wellness—you made this possible. 🙌

#BestWorkplacesInHealthAndwellness2022 #GPTWCertified

WCAG 2.2 ensures inclusion for users with disability. How? With 50+ success criteria that includes:

👉 Consistent help
👉 Focus appearance (and more)

Get an in-depth understanding of each from @annam_ravin, our QA Engineer: https://bit.ly/3KKSs2c


For your organization, what is the most crucial AI-based web accessibility solution?

Leverage #AI to serve users with different abilities with solutions like:

🖼️ Image recognition
🙍 Facial recognition (and more)

Learn about its benefits, limitations, and future potential from @Saranya___SaRa, our QA Lead: https://bit.ly/3YflcTU


Cheers to the past three years of enabling digital transformations with @WildstyleGlobal. Here’s to the future and all that’s yet to be explored! 🥂

Let’s revisit the highlights from this incredible journey in this thread. 🧵


Which one is your preferred solution for mobile app accessibility testing?

According to you, what makes accessibility testing crucial for native mobile applications?

Which is better—native or commercial accessibility testing? 🤔

Our Senior QA Engineer, @shefaliarya90, tested both and compared the results of:

👉 Native Library AllyUITests
👉 Evinced SDK (and more)

Here’s what she found: https://bit.ly/3kC0lfC


What is *not* included in the PDF document’s tag structure?

Inaccessible apps = Limited reach

How can businesses avoid that? By carefully choosing manual and semi-automated accessibility testing. 😎

Get started with this detailed guide by @shefaliarya90, our Senior QA Engineer: https://bit.ly/3SVRQch


“Espresso, a testing framework developed by Google—was created to speed up and simplify UI testing.”

After testing the catalog page of the native demo app by SauceLabs, our Senior QA Engineer, @shefaliarya90 did a comparative analysis of:

👉 AllyUITest Library
👉 ATF Library
👉 Evinced SDK

Here's what she found: https://bit.ly/3Yf4STd


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Where is Axelerant headquarters?

Axelerant headquarters is located at US, Canada, UK, India.

When was Axelerant founded?

Axelerant was founded in 2008.

How many employees does Axelerant have?

Axelerant has 50+ employees.

What is Axelerant's core business?

Axelerant is Information Technology & Services company.

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