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Hey there! We’re Banzai.

Our products reach millions of users every year to help marketers drive more revenue through better events, webinars, content, and data. Best of all, we make marketing a little more human for all of us.

Join us to help build a future that puts people at the center of marketing. Ready to be the pipeline hero?

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Coming back to work after a long weekend feels.

Little reminder to go easy on yourself, and take breaks to unwind. 💙

#banzai #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

Reminder: the present moment is here, waiting for you to experience it. Don't miss your chance.

In case the day has escaped you, try these tips for grounding.

💙: https://www.healthline.com/health/grounding-techniques

#MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #banzai #health

What it feels like when marketing passes MQLs to sales:

Your sales and marketing teams rolling into Q2.

"Leadership is a choice. It is not a rank."
[email protected]

#leadership #TEDtalks #banzai

Things are heating up over here for the Banzai Battle. 🔥

Join us today at 2 pm, as Ilya from @barracuda and James from AccessOne as they discuss whether or not marketing content should be gated. 🥊

Save your spot 👉 https://hubs.li/Q017QFQ10

#banzai #banzaibattle

Coming to a screen near you 💻

Join us virtually for FLASH on April 13 to see some of our most innovative products ever and hear from the brightest minds in our industry, today.

Save your spot 👉 https://www.drift.com/events/flash-virtual-april-2022/?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=banzai&utm_campaign=chat-flash-virtual-april-2022

#drift #banzai #FLASHvirtual

The Banzai Battle is Monday 4/11/22 @ 2 pm, and word on the street is it's going to be a knockout.

The topic: To gate or not to gate?

Attendees who join live will vote for the champion.

Save your spot 🥊 https://www.banzai.io/events/banzai-battle-to-gate-or-not-to-gate

#banzai #banzaibattle #gatedcontent

#Conversations happen every day, but this one takes the cake.

Join us on April 13, and learn how to tap into the power of #conversations from some of the brightest minds in our industry.

Hope to see you there!

Save your spot 👉 https://hubs.li/Q017k1QK0

#banzai #FLASHvirtual

Join us tomorrow @ 11 am EST, as we learn self-care from the best in the space!

The best part: all attendees that attend the session live will receive a free gift from Loop & Tie.

Take Care of yourself 👉 https://hubs.li/Q0172n3q0

#banzai #wellness #mentalhealth

Take time for you on March 31 @ 11 am, and spend time with experts from @betterhelp, Marvelus, @LoopAndTie , @livingHRInc, and Fe league for an hour of true self-care.

Save your spot: https://www.banzai.io/events/cultivate-appreciation-self-care-in-chaos


Feeling burned out lately? You aren't alone!

We're bringing in @betterhelp, @loopandtie, Marvelus, Fe league, and @livinghrinc for an hour of meditation, breathwork, and diligent self-care.

Save your spot, and get your relaxation on 👉 https://hubs.li/Q016HhZZ0


Marketing is about connecting with humans.

Understand humans first, then platforms and technology.

Join us March 28th @ 2 pm ET, as top industry leaders debate on today's hottest revenue topics. The audience votes on the winner. 🥊

The Topic:
Should an agency be one of marketers' first hires?

Save your spot 👉

#banzai #webinar #marketing

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Where is Banzai headquarters?

Banzai headquarters is located at Seattle, Washington.

When was Banzai founded?

Banzai was founded in 2015.

How many employees does Banzai have?

Banzai has 50+ employees.

What is Banzai's core business?

Banzai is Events Services company.

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