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Basecamp solves the critical problems that every growing business deals with.It’s the saner, calmer, organized way to manage projects and communicate company-wide.

We built Basecamp because we need what you need: a system to help stay on top of it all. A way to keep people on the same page, organize and share information, discuss, make and nail down decisions. A system that helps us prioritize meaningful work, cut out wasted time and restore some work-life balance to employees.

Available on basecamp.com, Android, and iOS.

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Does more work get done when your boss is out of the office than when they’re in?

Give yourself a break by sending your boss away for a bit...to HELL!



NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends 03/31/23. See full rules at http://sendyourbosstohell.com.

Didn't get through your to-dos before the weekend? Now you can bulk change or shift due dates! 🗓️

Now you'll see a one-line excerpt for most notifications in Basecamp's Hey! menu on web and desktop.

(We stole this idea from our mobile apps 🥷)

Ever wanted to tell your boss to "Go to Hell"?

Enter Basecamp's "Send Your Boss to Hell Sweepstakes" for the chance to send your boss to literal Hell🔥



NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends 03/31/23. See full rules at http://sendyourbosstohell.com.

Some HEY users may experience an issue being redirected to a browser page when opening emails on mobile.

Stay tuned here as we work to get this resolved.

Sorry for the interruption for those affected.

Steps just launched for Card Tables (our take on Kanban)! Add steps to cards so the finer details aren't missed. Check them off as you make progress to give a sense for what's done and what's left. Assign them to others, too. Full details here: https://updates.37signals.com/post/new-in-basecamp-steps-for-cards

Need to see everything in play? At 37signals we annotate the title and description of each project so we can get views like this.

We’ve just shipped another round of performance improvements to Basecamp, this time to Pings and Campfires. Now your chats will load faster and feel snappier.

Did you know? If you're on macOS Ventura and iOS 16 you can authenticate with Basecamp using Face ID, Touch ID and your other Apple devices.


Nothing feels better than finishing a project! Check out these tips to satisfyingly close a completed project—and make sure it's a useful archive for later.

Basecamp 4 is having trouble. Stay tuned here as we get this resolved. Sorry for the interruption everyone.

New in Basecamp: Schedule your messages and docs to publish in the future. Work when you want, but share the work at the best time for everyone else.

We've also added a beautiful list view for your Docs & Files.

Full details here: https://updates.37signals.com/post/new-in-basecamp-scheduled-messages-and-list-view-for-your-docs

Just let me do my job. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPmhvY0GCMQ

We've shipped three new often-requested features: To-do Templates, Group Autocomplete, and Required 2FA. All are live in your Basecamp 4 account today.

Full details here: https://updates.37signals.com/post/new-to-do-list-templates

New: “Up next” Android widget — See every event, to-do, and card you have due in the next 7 days without having to open Basecamp. Here are the details: https://updates.37signals.com/post/new-in-basecamp-android-widget

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Where is Basecamp headquarters?

Basecamp headquarters is located at Chicago, Illinois.

When was Basecamp founded?

Basecamp was founded in 1999.

How many employees does Basecamp have?

Basecamp has 50+ employees.

What is Basecamp's core business?

Basecamp is Internet company.

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