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Retailers use Bolt’s lightning-fast, one-click checkout to convert, retain, and delight more shoppers.

You can see how it works here: https://www.bolt.com/how-it-works/ and apply to talk to us here: https://www.bolt.com/careers/

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The time when retailers could win on price, selection, or convenience alone is gone. Now, it's about experiential commerce.

Helping merchants offer their shoppers best-in-class buying experiences is our top priority, and that’s why the @bolt network continues to grow. 🚀

Want to increase your brand's reach on TikTok?

We've put together the ultimate guide on what every brand needs to know to convert more shoppers on @tiktok_us 👇

Working with merchants every step of the way continues to lead to big wins for both @bolt and our customers!👇

When @puppyspot said that rejected orders were a problem, we designed Rejected Order Insights.🧐

Armed with invaluable data, merchants are seeing a massive reduction in fraud – and forming win-win partnerships with @bolt along the way.⚡️

The metaverse is more than a playground for gamers and technologists👾. It can also serve as a marketplace for retailers to operate and even thrive.🛒

Read up on what retailers need to know to get started in the metaverse. 🚀


We're creating the new standard for ecommerce checkout.

Why? Not only are we focused on the merchant’s bottom line, we’re paving the way for the future of commerce.

@bolt's constant innovation - like in one-click crypto and social commerce - keeps us ahead of the curve.

Our industry-leading fraud solution is a huge win for merchants like @TylersTX. 🚀

@Bolt retailers have checkout and fraud packaged together - allowing them to reduce fraudulent orders while improving customer experience - all in our enhanced CheckoutOS.

Interested in converting any page into an easy-to-shop, one-click ecommerce experience?

Tomorrow at 9am PT, we'll demo many new features including Checkout Everywhere - @bolt's solution to allow shoppers to buy directly at the point of inspo.


Today, the NYTimes wrote a hit piece on Bolt.

The part they missed: everything about our business.

Here’s why Bolt is going to win:

At @bolt, we're tackling one of the most complex problems—online checkout.

We've built an extraordinary team, continued to innovate our product as well as grown our active merchant count by 192% YoY and shopper network by 131% YoY. We'll keep pushing until we change the game.

Brands like Nike and Samsung are jumping into the metaverse. The move opens up a whole new world, allowing them to:

💰Establish a new revenue stream
🏞Foster inclusive communities
🔬Perform market research for less

Want to join them? Learn more👇

Retailers, don't wing it when it comes to landing pages.

Optimized landing pages:
📈 Increase conversions
💸 Get higher ROI
💯 Improve organic search rankings

So, what's the secret to a landing page that converts? Read on to find out.👇

Did you know that brand loyalty develops during the post-purchase stage of the customer journey?

Positive experiences can lead to:
🤝 Customer loyalty
♻️ Repeat purchases
😇 Brand evangelism

8️⃣ ways to 📈 sales by influencing post-purchase behavior👇

The @bolt Spring Release Webinar is on May 11! Learn about getting the flexibility to run your business the way you want:

✨ Checkout at the point of inspo
🔐 Risk assessment for fraud flexibility
🛒 Session replay to optimize your checkout


In just nine months since launching, the @consciousorg movement has brought together 155+ companies from across the globe who are committed to making work better for everyone.

More on the recognition from @fastcompany of this huge moment 👇

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Where is Bolt headquarters?

Bolt headquarters is located at San Francisco, California.

When was Bolt founded?

Bolt was founded in 2014.

How many employees does Bolt have?

Bolt has 50+ employees.

What is Bolt's core business?

Bolt is Internet company.

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