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Retailers use Bolt’s lightning-fast, one-click checkout to convert, retain, and delight more shoppers.

You can see how it works here: https://www.bolt.com/how-it-works/ and apply to talk to us here: https://www.bolt.com/careers/

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Thrilled to be recognized in the @FinTech_Awards among so many other power players in fintech. 🏆 Best Overall Commerce Platform has a nice ring to it. 🤩⚡

Thanks to @imranamed and @BoF for uniting the fashion and tech communities this week.

The exec roundtable and fireside chat between our CEO @kuruvillamaju and BoF's Robin Mellery-Pratt helped us speak to brands about the value of stacking quick wins in this challenging market.⚡️

Our CEO @KuruvillaMaju joined @Bloomberg Radio for a lively discussion on how @Bolt is empowering merchants to sell better and build truly individualized relationships with their shoppers.🤝

🎙️The full convo starts here at 20:37:

Logged-in shoppers buy more–and more often–than those who choose guest checkout. See other tips, and why both retailers and shoppers prefer @bolt’s one-click experience⚡in @Retail_Brew's latest video:

Shoppers need frictionless, personalized experiences–and to be recognized immediately–on every channel.

Read more in @MyTotalRetail from our SVP of Customer Success, Shilpi Narang, on how retailers like @Forever21 can use new technology to offer this:

Great to bring so many retail leaders and innovators together last night for a @Bolt x @Retail_Brew Dinner.⚡It’s always a treat to hear their biggest challenges and how we can help. 💪

Looking forward to joining the @BoF Tech Summit next week. Our CEO @KuruvillaMaju will sit down with Robin Mellery-Pratt to discuss innovative digital solutions, lessons learned in past downturns, the next stage in the evolution of omnichannel retail, and lots more.⚡

Shop everything, everywhere (almost) all at once with Bolt's One-Click Checkout. So easy even hotdog fingers can do it. #win #EEAAO #Oscars

Thrilled to share our ad spot with @MaximumEffort featuring @SarahMcLachlan has been selected as a Gold Winner of the #musecreativeawards.👏 Thank you to @museaward for honoring our campaign among so many other leading brands and creatives! ⚡

Check out the video:

Omnichannel innovator @Forever21 achieves an everything, everywhere, all at once presence with a well-rounded digital strategy focused on meeting their Gen-Z customers where they are.

Get the full download on their digital strategy in @RTouchPoints:

We’re proud to partner with brilliant retail leaders like Raissa Gerona, Laura Benedettino, Elizabeth Pilkington, Tiffany D’Amato, and Rochelle Jacobs. Your brands are our inspo today and every day! 💜⚡️

In ecommerce, knowing who your shoppers are and what influences them to buy is key.🔑

Wondering how to predict whether a customer will be influenced primarily by price?💸Check their age.

More insights: https://www.bolt.com/lifetime-customer-report

Check the box at checkout to seamlessly create your @Bolt⚡account, and you'll receive 30% off your next order with @Fanatics. It's that easy. 🏀🏈⚾

Innovators work with innovators. That’s why @Casper chose @bolt to upgrade its online experience.⚡

Our API-based, modular technology will power one-click ease without the brand having to modify its existing UI:

“History has taught us that whenever there are downturns like this, that’s when the best companies are built” - @Bolt CEO, @KuruvillaMaju.

Read more downturn advice from leaders across fashion and ecommerce in @BoF:

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Where is Bolt headquarters?

Bolt headquarters is located at San Francisco, California.

When was Bolt founded?

Bolt was founded in 2014.

How many employees does Bolt have?

Bolt has 50+ employees.

What is Bolt's core business?

Bolt is Internet company.

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