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Breezy HR is end-to-end recruiting software designed to optimize your recruiting process and delight your entire team. Bring everyone on board in less time (and with less hassle) with our user-friendly, feature-rich platform.

Your hiring process gets a productivity boost with our unique, visual approach to pipeline management. A simple drag & drop interface means anyone (so, everyone!) on your team will be up and running in minutes, and Breezy Tasks ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

You’ll connect with candidates and make better decisions, sooner, too: Engage passive talent right on your career pages with Hello 👋 Messenger; use our Chrome Extension to source candidates directly from LinkedIn, AngelList, Dribbble, Xing, GitHub and more; world-class resume parsing lays everyone out on uniform, individual cards; and our scorecarding system and Interview Guides flex to objectively handle everyone’s input on a candidate.

Need to assess soft skills like a second language or salesmanship? Our integrated one-way video questions and live video interviews let you evaluate these important qualifications earlier than ever.

Our iOS and Android apps let your real-time conversations flow, notify your team about important events, and keep everyone on the same page –no matter where they are.

Hired a recruiter? Bring ’em on board! We built Breezy to support the diversity of modern teams, so recruiters can help your team find, vet, and hire your best candidates, faster.

And when you want to optimize your recruiting ROI, we’re ready for you: We’ve put reporting and analysis at your fingertips, so you can hone in on pipeline sticking points or ID the sourcing that’s bringing you the superstars.

Start optimizing your recruiting today with a free trial: https://breezy.hr/

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Where is Breezy HR headquarters?

Breezy HR headquarters is located at Jacksonville, FL.

When was Breezy HR founded?

Breezy HR was founded in 2014.

How many employees does Breezy HR have?

Breezy HR has 30-39 employees.

What is Breezy HR's core business?

Breezy HR is Internet company.

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