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Chameleon allows you to create beautiful product guidance that helps, guides, and delights your users throughout their journey.

Build, manage and optimize your product tours without writing code. Great for onboarding new users, feature announcements, and reducing support.

Try it for free at trychameleon.com

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How do you get to the bottom of what your users really want? Try out these tactics, including how to gather and manage feedback, use Jobs To Be Done as a framework for success, and effectively segment users. Thanks to @productboard for the feature 🙌 https://chmln.co/3BAwKb4

Survey bias is hard to avoid, especially, if you don't know you're susceptible to it 🙇‍♂️🤷‍♀️ Understand the different types of #surveybias to 👀 out for and which product survey tactics will help you avoid them 🤩 🦎 #SaaS @trychameleon #ProductManagement

[email protected] is building the onboarding experiences SaaS companies need to help clients discover value and deepen their engagement. Read about the growing demand for their low- and no-code tools in @TechCrunch from @Kyle_L_Wiggers. https://techcrunch.com/2022/09/14/chameleon-raises-cash-to-help-saas-companies-build-better-onboarding-experiences/

Your customers are always telling you what they find value in, but are you really listening? Here’s why customer data is an essential element of PLG and how to use it the right way 👌👇

Today we’re delighted to announce that Chameleon has raised $13M in Series A funding, led by @MatrixPartners, with follow-on from existing investors @trueventures and some fantastic operators 🎉 https://chmln.co/3QKp0IO

#seriesA #productledgrowth #seriesAfunding #productadoption

🤿 Dive into the first part of our Product Adoption Platform Buyer's Guide series. Learn all about what PAPs are, and why they are essential to boosting your product growth 🚀 https://chmln.co/3Bop2BH

#buyersguide #productadoption #digitaladoption #productledgrowth #plg

⏰ Don't forget to book your seat at tomorrow's #UXresearch roundtable.

You'll be in great company with @robertalearns at @userinterviews, @beh_zod at @YetAnother_, @webjac at @Sketch, and Chameleon's very own @_pulkitagrawal 🦎

Save your seat 👉 https://chmln.co/3pd441P

We’ve just wrapped up our EU meet-up and it was a big blast!🇪🇺

It was a special time getting to know each other in person and how this experience will positively change the dynamic when we’re working together remotely. We cannot wait for our full team meet-up in the future!

Day 2 of our meet-up consisted of some team bonding, stand-up paddle boarding, and of course... gelato!

Chameleons in the wild 🦎

Our entire EU team is coming together in Barcelona, Spain for the first time since the pandemic and we are all so excited!!

🤔 What is Product-Led Growth? Theory, Examples & Resources via @trychameleon | Kirsty Finlayson takes you through the key theories, examples, and frameworks surrounding PLG so you can walk away with a 🧰 toolkit of resources. https://buff.ly/3c8bRLr #prodmgmt

How do you use #UXresearch to fuel your #productstrategy? Find out in our upcoming #webinar on September 1st with @robertalearns at @userinterviews, @beh_zod at @YetAnother_, @webjac at @Sketch, and @_pulkitagrawal at @trychameleon Save your seat 👉 https://chmln.co/3pd441P

Prioritization is more than just deciding the order of the items on your roadmap. Nick Fields, Product Manager at @ProductPlan, explains why keeping your product vision at the forefront of decision-making is essential for success 👇


Not sure how to effectively manage your #CustomerEducation content? Christy Hollingshead, VP of Customer Education and Engagement at @heap, shares her insights, tips, and tactics you can use 👇

How do you become a customer-centric product leader?

Join us on 24th August for our exclusive fireside chat 🔥 with special guest @simplybastow CEO & Co-Founder of @ProdPad and Chameleon’s @_pulkitagrawal to find out!

Reserve your seat 👉https://chmln.co/3BDUkoQ

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Where is Chameleon headquarters?

Chameleon headquarters is located at San Francisco, CA.

When was Chameleon founded?

Chameleon was founded in 2015.

How many employees does Chameleon have?

Chameleon has 50+ employees.

What is Chameleon's core business?

Chameleon is Computer Software company.

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