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Chameleon allows you to create beautiful product guidance that helps, guides, and delights your users throughout their journey.

Build, manage and optimize your product tours without writing code. Great for onboarding new users, feature announcements, and reducing support.

Try it for free at trychameleon.com

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Our PLG journey is featured in this week's edition of @ZacharyDeWitt's Notorious PLG. Follow the 🧡thread for the TL;DR πŸ‘‡

Which metrics should every PLG team track? And how to integrate data from various sources and implement the insights? Get expert advice from @productled, @HightouchData, and @heap to better understand what to track, how, and why πŸ‘‡βœ¨


Want more product-led growth? You need product-qualified leads! Read this article by @BreezyBeaumont from @CorrelatedLabs for insights on developing product-qualified leads (PQL) and product-qualified accounts (PQA) πŸ‘‡

#growth #product #productled


Want more engagement and retention? πŸ€” Product data might be the key. We talk about why product data is so important, what metrics to pay attention to, and how to best leverage it. Read on our blog! πŸ‘‡

#ux #userengagement #productmanagement #userdata


Looking for open-source plugins to create tooltips for your product? Here's a list of 16! Read on our blog to find out πŸ‘‡

#uiux #uidesign #productmanagement #plugin #opensource


Struggling with low conversion and retention? Here are 5 tactics to boost your activation rates and keep retention high. Read on our blog πŸ‘‡

#productdesign #productmanagement #userexperience #onboarding

Looking for that perfect #JavaScript #onboarding tour library for your #product? We've got 10 that you'll like. Read all about them on our blog πŸ‘‡


#productmanagement #productdesign

Looking for an #onboarding library for your application built on #React? We've got 8 best open source libraries for building product tours for your React app! Read to find out moreπŸ‘‡


#productmanagement #productdesign

User onboarding checklists are a vital part of guiding your users to find value in your product. So what does it take to create great onboarding checklists? Here are 5 tips. Read on!

#userexperience #productdesign #productmanagement #onboarding


Creating a knowledge base from scratch can seem overwhelming. Where do you start? Which topics to cover? How to make it easily searchable?

We've broken it all down into six steps. And we’ve added the best tools and examples Let’s dive in πŸ‘‡


Want to keep users engaged and drive product adoption? Remember these five essential UX principles:

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Usability
⭐ Clarity
🚧 Accessibility
🎯 Relevancy
πŸ’« Consistency

Read more on our blog for tips and tactics on leveraging UX for user success πŸš€


Join our webinar and learn how to build exceptional onboarding flows that speed up activation throughout the user journey πŸ‘‰ https://chmln.co/3HrouOO

#productmanagement #userjourney #useronboarding

Learn more strategy advice, actionable tactics, and expert insights from product leaders at @trychameleon @productboard @userinterviews & @Amplitude_HQ in our on-demand webinar!

Validating ideas through experiments and continuously applying your learnings is part of the game. Here are the steps you need to design, test, and implement ideas with prototype testing πŸ‘‡


Check out how @themotleyfool optimized return on ad spend and saw a 9% reduction in member churn with @segment and @trychameleon! Read the full customer story πŸ‘‡ https://segment.com/customers/motley-fool/

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Where is Chameleon headquarters?

Chameleon headquarters is located at San Francisco, CA.

When was Chameleon founded?

Chameleon was founded in 2015.

How many employees does Chameleon have?

Chameleon has 50+ employees.

What is Chameleon's core business?

Chameleon is Computer Software company.

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