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CoderPad is a technical interview platform for leading development teams. It enables a quick, accurate read on a candidate’s skills. CoderPad works like an IDE to help candidates easily share their skills and ensure you understand how they work. Through both collaborative coding sessions and take-home assignments, CoderPad is with you at every stage of the hiring process.

CoderPad puts the developer experience first. Its speed and reliability are second to none — and its interface is intuitive and simple to use. It provides a canvas for you to create a personalized interview process that is unique to your team’s needs. Because every team is different — and every candidate wants to learn about you in the hiring process.

CoderPad helps you find better technical candidates – faster. It delivers unparalleled experience to both interviewers and candidates. And, as your team grows, it’s easy to scale. That’s why nearly 2,000 companies around the world, including Netflix, Slack and Snowflake, rely on CoderPad.

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The Jamstack -- what is it and how can it make you a better developer? Salma Alam-Naylor (@whitep4nth3r) explains this, and more: https://coderpad.io/blog/uncategorized/intro-to-jamstack-with-salma-alam-naylor/

Did you know you can get paid to contribute to open source projects? We discuss this and all things open source with GitHub Star @IkegahRuth: https://coderpad.io/blog/development/open-source-with-ruth-ikegah/

Is it the #GreatResignation or is it the #GreatReset? @TechCrunch believes today's tech companies are making cuts mainly due to a lack of discipline, not outside factors. Read more here: https://techcrunch.com/2022/05/07/the-great-resignation-meet-the-great-reset/

Accessibility (A11Y) is so important - everyone deserves a great experience.

For web apps it's just as important as ever. We were joined by @BenDMyers to hear about the importance of A11Y and how improving it helps everyone, not just a select few:


Solidity for CoderPad is now live! Check out the details and try it out for yourself here: https://coderpad.io/blog/announcements/coderpad-now-supports-solidity/

This Wednesday at 7AM PT we're joined by @_estheragbaje to talk about the ins and outs of @chakra_ui!

We'll be chatting about why you need a UI library, how Chakra UI enhances your apps, what's coming next for Chakra and more!


Whiteboard interviews suck. The industry as a whole should have our tech interviews more representative of day-to-day development and @NoWhiteboardOrg knows it.

We recently spoke to him about what that looks like, and how to improve hiring for all:


Regex is a powerful tool that's useful in many applications, but also challenging to learn.

Here's our guide to learning regex:


Concerned about job candidates cheating during technical interviews? We have some advice for you: https://coderpad.io/blog/interviewing/the-1-best-anti-cheat-interview-question-ever/

When it comes to creating informative developer content, @jamesqquick is a legend.

We chatted with him what his content creation process is like, how to efficiently scale databases, and what serverless code is.

Check it out:


useEffect is common in React applications. This can be a powerful tool that enables you to do things like data fetching and more.

But under it's appeal lays the potential for dormant evils, waiting to cause bugs in your code. Here's how to avoid them:


Without a long CV with years of experience, how can you tell if new engineers will be successful at your company? Our Principal Engineer @jgeggatt offers some tips for hiring strong junior developers via @TheLeadDev:

How are you protecting YOUR third party integrations? We explore a recent third party security breach between GitHub and Heroku, as well as some tips on how to improve your own risk management practices: https://coderpad.io/blog/development/heroku-github-breach/

Jamstack is a powerful tool that enables beginners to do incredible things and rapidly develop applications. But how does it work? How does it help?

We'll be joined by @whitep4nth3r on Thursday the 28th at 11:30AM PT to talk about this and more!


CMSes are a critical part of the Jamstack story. What's more, they're immensely powerful tools to kickstart development for your very own SaaS platform.

We were joined by @james_r_perkins to talk about these very topics. Check out our conversation:


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Where is CoderPad headquarters?

CoderPad headquarters is located at San Francisco, CA.

When was CoderPad founded?

CoderPad was founded in 2014.

How many employees does CoderPad have?

CoderPad has 1-19 employees.

What is CoderPad's core business?

CoderPad is Computer Software company.

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