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CoderPad is a technical interview platform for leading development teams. It enables a quick, accurate read on a candidate’s skills. CoderPad works like an IDE to help candidates easily share their skills and ensure you understand how they work. Through both collaborative coding sessions and take-home assignments, CoderPad is with you at every stage of the hiring process.

CoderPad puts the developer experience first. Its speed and reliability are second to none — and its interface is intuitive and simple to use. It provides a canvas for you to create a personalized interview process that is unique to your team’s needs. Because every team is different — and every candidate wants to learn about you in the hiring process.

CoderPad helps you find better technical candidates – faster. It delivers unparalleled experience to both interviewers and candidates. And, as your team grows, it’s easy to scale. That’s why nearly 2,000 companies around the world, including Netflix, Slack and Snowflake, rely on CoderPad.

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State management is a method of controlling communication between different parts of the state and their usage, including React components. Test your knowledge of state management by improving the React app in this tiny interview.



@VicVijayakumar @kentcdodds @TestingLib @ApiMocking @reactjs I realize I'm late to the party here, but @CoderPad has even been supportive of using ChatGPT and Copilot in interviews.



Tools in the toolbox, human replacers they are not.

Considering current languages have object-oriented programming features, most database management systems are based on the relational model, with tables instead of objects. In this article, you will learn what TypeORM is.


Are you a boring manager? We'll help you fix that. https://tinyurl.com/2vhp66s5

Vue is a popular JavaScript library for building front-end applications. It builds on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and employs a declarative model for building components.

Test your Vue knowledge by improving the counter application in this tiny interview.


The most challenging part of fixing a problem is identifying it. Unfortunately, this statement is exceptionally true when it comes to debugging. In this article, learn how to use logging to improve your debug process in your Django application.



Come on, it's not like we're dealing with Skynet here...😎

A REST API is an interface that accepts connections via the internet, executes some business logic, and then returns a result. Test your knowledge of the REST API by improving the application in this tiny interview.


#react #restapis #apis

TypeScript was the third most popular programming language in 2022, following Rust and Python. It’s widely admired by the JavaScript community and used by many companies to build front-end and back-end applications. Get started with TypeScript in Node.js


Discover the power of NestJS, a server-side Node.js framework. Learn about its features and how to get started with developing applications in this blog post.


#js #nestjs #node

Let's practice coding interviews in React!

👉 https://eu1.hubs.ly/H02_ktK0

The Context API allows developers to pass data through a component tree without having to pass props manually at every level. Build an array togle with this API!

Recruitment slowing down? Here's how to keep yourself relevant to future new-hires. https://tinyurl.com/2wjz9bpf

Django is a popular Python framework for building web applications. Test your Django knowledge by improving the todo application in this tiny interview.


#django #python #interview

hehe i built and launched the "waiting room" feature on @CoderPad today.

it's built using react and connects to websockets. when an interviewer makes the coding environment for the interview public, the candidate is automatically let in.

In this tutorial, you will have a practical guide to unit testing your database with pytest, one type of software testing by which individual units of your code are tested to determine if they are fit for use.


#python #sql #test

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Where is CoderPad headquarters?

CoderPad headquarters is located at San Francisco, CA.

When was CoderPad founded?

CoderPad was founded in 2014.

How many employees does CoderPad have?

CoderPad has 1-19 employees.

What is CoderPad's core business?

CoderPad is Computer Software company.

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