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Dapi is a real time banking API that enables companies to accept bank transfer payment within any application instantly with near zero cost. Our mission to simplify bank payment and reduce online processing fees.

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President @JoeBiden Executive order is promoting open banking demanding banks to "Make it easier and cheaper to switch banks by requiring banks to allow customers to take their financial transaction data with them to a competitor."

A small team of great engineers can make just a shocking amount of progress.

This is one of the most unintuitive things for business people who tend to think more linearly in terms of team size vs. output.

We at Dapi LOVE our people. Check out our job listings on https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/dapi

Did you know that Dapi can automate most bank-specific behavior when sending money? For more info, read our documentation: https://dapi-api.readme.io/docs/transfer-auto-flow #payment

Governments need to support fintechs. There is no longer any debate. Innovation in the #fintech sector will serve the financial being of all #openbanking #money

We are very excited to share this article featuring the story of our first client, @denariicash Read it here: https://www.dapi.com/post/meet-one-of-dapis-customers-denarii-cash #fintech #openfinance

The way banking currently operates is outdated, slow, and inefficient. Change is coming! #fintech #banking

#NFTs are valuable as they create unique histories for objects that would otherwise be just another copy. Their value comes from cultural capital, which is not too different from traditional art markets. NFTs simply update the technology on an older concept #thefutureofmoney

Why are #NFTs a big deal? They introduce the concept of ownership and authenticity to digital objects, even though the objects themselves can be copied infinitely. This is good for collectors, who can now "own" digital artwork. But does the value become mere speculation?

Thank you @thefintechtimes for the mention!

Payment initiation and account information offered to Mexican #fintech companies by @dapihq #expansion #API #payments #Mexico #LatAm #paytech https://thefintechtimes.com/mexico-offered-free-financial-data-for-the-first-time-by-dapi

Thank you @financelygroup for the mention!

What does the name #NFT actually mean? "Non-fungible" means that each token is distinct from every other NFT and cannot be split into smaller parts. On the other hand, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin can be split up as much as you'd like (people often buy fractions of bitcoin)

Thank you @oost_marcel for the mention!

What's all this rage about #NFTs ? We think it's another aspect of #thefutureofmoney Non-Fungible Tokens are the 2021 versions of certificates of authenticity, verifying the ownership of a digital object (a gif, a tweet, a video, etc.) #finance #crypto

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Where is Dapi headquarters?

Dapi headquarters is located at San Francisco, California.

When was Dapi founded?

Dapi was founded in 2019.

How many employees does Dapi have?

Dapi has 40-49 employees.

What is Dapi's core business?

Dapi is Financial Services company.

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