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We move documents. The Documo Platform combines solutions that make working with documents easy, simple, secure, and reduce your carbon footprint.

mFax (mfax.io) is a next-generation cloud fax platform designed to send and receive faxes from any device, securely and reliably.

Our fully distributed team is focused on helping reduce paper consumption and waste throughout the world. Read more about our mission at https://www.documo.com/company/our-mission

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Whereas wet signatures are handwritten and rely on hardcopy documents, electronic signatures come in a variety of forms and can be signed from anywhere using an internet-connected device. https://buff.ly/3QYYfk8 #esign #workflow

Are online faxes secure? Are they reliable? Does online fax work on phones? Read our blog to learn the answers to your online faxing questions: https://buff.ly/3UR4mKk #fax #cloudfax

Faxing is an integral component of the financial sector because it is a secure and regulation-compliant way to send highly confidential information. Read our blog to learn ten reasons why faxing is essential in the financial industry: https://buff.ly/3qH8Sxe #fax #finance

Faxing wirelessly is cost-effective and secure. This modern form of faxing is compatible with any device that has internet access and doesn’t depend on a fax machine. https://buff.ly/3wNCVH7 #fax #cloudfax #healthcare

For signing a document, signature images are less secure than electronic or digital signatures. However, if you have a circumstance where you need a signature image, check out these simple steps: https://buff.ly/3PRK3ZQ #esign #electronicsignature

Fax is not going out of style. In fact, it’s gaining momentum because of cloud faxing. Read our blog to learn why fax is standing the test of time: https://buff.ly/3T4oMi4

HR personnel are tasked with collecting many signatures from employees before hiring, during onboarding, and even after terminations. e-Signatures make this process faster, more efficient, and easier for both employees and HR personnel: https://buff.ly/3Bbp9Rw #esignature #HR

Give your clients the freedom to sign documents remotely instead of coming into the office. Accounting firms everywhere are utilizing electronic signature platforms to expedite workflow, improve security, and offer flexibility for signing documents. https://buff.ly/3QJkk7f #esign

If you’re faxing with a fax machine instead of cloud faxing, you may be in danger of faxploit, a type of hacking that gains access to a network through all-in-one printers. The solution? Cloud fax, which transmits faxes digitally through secure hardware. https://buff.ly/3AAx0rE

Electronic signatures and digital signatures are both secure and legally binding, but they have important differences. Electronic signatures are used for convenience and to simplify workflow. Digital signatures are used for fraud prevention. https://buff.ly/3mBcIWL #esignature

This #pride month, we’re celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. At Documo, we believe in fostering diversity, equality, and inclusivity. We’re supporting Out & Equal, an organization driven to achieve equality in the workplace. https://buff.ly/3xCfocM

Free faxing can be problematic, and the damages done by faxing for free can be costly. Free fax services have numerous limitations and lack security. If your business depends on faxing, you’ll need a secure and reliable HIPAA fax solution. https://buff.ly/3N101zj #fax #healthcare

We’ve uncovered the eight top industries that utilize electronic signatures. Businesses everywhere are using e-Signatures to improve workflow efficiency and reduce paper waste. Read our blog to learn more: https://buff.ly/3wSyRG4 #esignature

Our new blog explains everything you need to know for faxing internationally using traditional methods as well as online faxing methods. #fax

Your signature, including your online signature, says a lot about your personality. Read our new blog for a signature analysis. https://buff.ly/3Pkm5ah

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Where is Documo Inc. headquarters?

Documo Inc. headquarters is located at Wilmington, Delaware.

When was Documo Inc. founded?

Documo Inc. was founded in 2015.

How many employees does Documo Inc. have?

Documo Inc. has 20-29 employees.

What is Documo Inc.'s core business?

Documo Inc. is Computer Software company.

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