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We are Draft.dev and we help you achieve your technical content goals.

Our writers are professional software developers and subject matter experts who create content that will resonate with your audience and perform well on search engines.

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Anybody can write a technical #ThoughtLeadership piece. However, not everybody can do it well. 🀷

Here's what you need to know about writing a #technical thought leadership piece of your own:


If you’re not strategic about #ContentCreation, you could inadvertently damage your reputation. πŸ€• This is especially true when trying to reach a savvy, skeptical audience like software developers.

Need help? Use these tips from our founder Karl Hughes:


Choosing a #ContentMarketingAgency can take a while. However, focusing on good agencies in your industry can make it easier.

Let’s explore:

πŸ“ˆ The benefits of an agency
🌟 Signs of a stellar agency
πŸš€ Top agencies by vertical
πŸ€” Making a final decision


Not all #MarketingAgencies are created equal. βš–οΈ It’s a good idea to understand the dealbreakers that exist and how they might impact your company (and your topline revenue).

Here's how to identify red flags early on:


Trying to boost your business? Speaking at a tech conference can help you grow both professionally and personally. And we're going to give you the roadmap to get there. πŸ—ΊοΈ

Check out our full tutorial to #ConferenceSpeaking here:


My latest piece for @draftdev is now live! Check it out and let me hear what you think: https://merge.dev/blog/how-to-make-a-get-request-for-all-commits-from-the-gitlab-api-in-python

Ever wondered how you could use developer content to spike product-led growth? πŸ€” Join Kathie Jurek and Lucy Mitchell from Catchy's Developer Marketing Agency to explore the ins and outs of #DeveloperContent in a successful product-led growth strategy.


The folks at Earthly partnered with Draft to enhance #ContentProduction and boost brand awareness. The results speak for themselves: 🀯

β—‰ A 346% increase in monthly blog visitors
β—‰ 1,500 blog visitors per workday
β—‰ 6% blog conversion rate

Learn more:


Making an #ArchitectureDiagram for a technical blog post isn’t the most challenging skill in the world. That said, you do have to give it some thought β€” or risk disappointing your readers. 😞

Here's how to create great #ArchitecturalDiagrams at scale:


Product-led growth (#PLG) has been one of the hottest terms in marketing for several years, and has recently become more prominent in dev marketing circles. πŸ“ˆ

Check out this article by the folks at Catchy to learn more about product-led growth content:


Your marketing team is going to need strong leadership. If a #HeadOfMarketing is the next step for you, start planning for change now. Make sure the timing is right, and always choose the right candidate β€” even if it means prolonging the hiring process.


Ever wondered how to find and hire subject-matter experts? This #webinar might help!

Come along to learn more about:

- Two approaches to creating #content with #SMEs
- Using bylines and learning as motivators
- Relying on your network rather than Upwork


Draftdev's founder and CEO has a simple message: improve your #writing, and improve your career. πŸ“ˆ This is especially important to #technical fields, and imperative for those in managerial positions.

Here's what, why, and how you can start.


One of the best ways to churn out regular content is to opt for a #ContentCreationAgency.

That said, not all content agencies are created equal. 🀷

Here are a few of the best to review, including the industries they serve:


The goal of a #TechnicalGuide is simple: to provide written 'how tos' for developer audiences.

However, a well-written guide can be challenging to write. πŸ˜“

We've put together a comprehensive guide that might help:


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Where is Draft.dev headquarters?

Draft.dev headquarters is located at Chicago, Illinois.

When was Draft.dev founded?

Draft.dev was founded in 2020.

How many employees does Draft.dev have?

Draft.dev has 1-19 employees.

What is Draft.dev's core business?

Draft.dev is Writing & Editing company.

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