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Drizly is the world’s largest alcohol marketplace and the best way to shop beer, wine and spirits. Our customers trust us to be part of their lives – their celebrations, parties, dinners and quiet nights at home. We are there when it matters – committed to life’s moments and the people who create them. We partner with the best retail stores in over 1200 cities across North America to serve up the best buying experience. Drizly offers a huge selection and competitive pricing with a side of personalized content.

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okay hear me out, a flower bouquet…but it’s a 6-pack

If bourbon makes you mysteriously and miraculously good at breakdancing, we have that in common.

sometimes I swirl wine around my glass like a sommelier knowing damn well I paid $12 for the bottle

If they break out ice molds to make you a cocktail…marry them.

an apple (cider) a day will keep anyone away if you throw it hard enough.

A Bloody Mary is soup and that's okay. In this essay I will

me, ordering a fruity drink at the bar: hey can i get an extra cocktail sword? i like to do little battles

do you cheers with your dog when you’re home alone or are you boring

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Where is Drizly headquarters?

Drizly headquarters is located at Boston, Massachusetts.

When was Drizly founded?

Drizly was founded in 2012.

How many employees does Drizly have?

Drizly has 50+ employees.

What is Drizly's core business?

Drizly is Food & Beverages company.

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