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An easier way to manage school communications and strengthen your online presence.


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💡 #TipTuesday: The difference between an amazing school year and a crash landing is avoiding burnout.

Dive into a couple of steps on how to prioritize mental health and stay motivated throughout the school year below! ⬇️ #edtech #edtechchat

Come and meet @MaxEisl and Emily Lowit at the @TriAssociation's upcoming 40th Annual Educators' Conference! ⬇️ #edtech #edtechchat

Despite the rise of ransomware, you can keep your school’s information safe and secure by empowering faculty and staff to be educated about the threats of ransomware, phishing attacks, and data security. 🔐

Get started below! ⬇️ #edtech #edtechchat

Halloween is my fave! 🎃 It's a busy time at @finalsite as we continue to welcome @blackboardk12 to the family! They are such good people with a strong collaborative culture.

@campusvisionpro is excited to join @Finalsite's Partner Network - the trusted education technology partner of over 8,000 schools across the globe. Finalsite's Partner Network is its trusted website add-on service providers that it works with to complement its platform.

Save your FREE seat below! ⬇️ See you there! 😉

Starting my Monday off right with a delicious coffee ☕ in my new @Finalsite mug! Thanks so much to the @Finalsite team for sure a warm welcome!

"Education is the thing that drives the world forward."

Blackboard K-12 and @Finalsite teams are excited to have a part in that with our new, combined teams. https://twitter.com/Finalsite/status/1573318881984356354

With the addition of @BlackboardK12, Finalsite can provide its clients to more and support delivered by a focused team of industry experts. Here, Josh Fulton and Dan Glovier chat about both companies joining forces in the future.

Learn more below! ⬇️

Involving your tech-savvy Gen Z students in your school or district’s social media strategy will give them a chance to showcase the life of your school in a fresh, fun, and authentic way. 💁‍♀️

Get started below! ⬇️ #schoolmarketing

@Finalsite admissions & marketing regional workshops this Fall in CT, PA, MN...and more to come in the spring! https://www.finalsite.com/events/workshops/admissions-marketing

We're so excited for School Marketing Day! Have you registered? https://twitter.com/Finalsite/status/1573014988704415746

Calling all Admission, Enrollment, & Mar/Com leaders!! Join us for this fantastic and FREE day of professional development! You know I’ll be keeping it real in my session: “It’s Not Them, It’s You” 😉 https://twitter.com/finalsite/status/1573014988704415746

Together, we'll elevate school-to-home engagement. Here, Tim McDonough and Jeannine Richardson chat about what they love about working in EdTech, and what excites them about its future. @BlackboardK12

Learn more below! ⬇️ #edtech #edtechchat

School Marketing Day will be here sooner than you think, and it's going to be FULL of inspiration and ready-to-launch strategies to take your school to the moon and beyond. 🚀 🌕

Your FREE seat is waiting for you below! ⤵️ #schoolmarketing

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Where is Finalsite headquarters?

Finalsite headquarters is located at Glastonbury, CT.

When was Finalsite founded?

Finalsite was founded in 1998.

How many employees does Finalsite have?

Finalsite has 50+ employees.

What is Finalsite's core business?

Finalsite is Information Technology & Services company.

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