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Frontify is a cloud-based brand management platform for creators and collaborators of brands, connecting everything (and everyone) important to the growth of your brand.

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“The only way you can have exceptions is that you have rules; the only way you have meaningful rules is that you have exceptions.”

Brand Secrets with @briancollins1 The influence of exceptions
#branding #paradigms2022 #brandstrategy

“In the past, we were a product that people used but not a brand that people loved,” said Shayla Love, Senior Executive Producer at Uber. Find out how @Uber created a brand people want to engage with — and how they took Frontify along for the ride. https://okt.to/nQ58Mk

“The color palette we originally designed for @Spotify was vivid. We went to certain markets in the world and that wasn’t vivid enough.”

Find out what separates successful and visionary brands from their competitors. @briancollins1 #Branding  #brandingexpert #brands

“The future changes more quickly than ever, and if you don’t anticipate, there is someone around you who will anticipate and figure something out.”

Brand Secrets with @briancollins1 at @paradigmssummit
#BrandStrategy #authenticity #brandingexpert

Overheard at @paradigmssummit “Our voice is such an important part of who we are, so if we do translate, we don’t know how that’s perceived.” — Michael Lee, Creative Director at @oatly on why English is their main language.
#localization #brandstrategy #Branding

“The brand is always balancing when we’re going to be familiar and reassuring and when we’re going to be surprising.”

At @paradigmssummit, @wearecollins founder @briancollins1 shared insights about what separates successful and visionary brands from the rest. #brands #Branding

“The purpose of differentiating is to create meaning. If you can’t differentiate yourself as a brand, you fall into the background.”

Brand Secrets with @briancollins1: Differentiating brands
#BrandStrategy #Paradigms2022 #brands

Global brands need to maintain their global identity but keep their ear to the ground, pick up local nuances, and connect over something that's personal to their audiences. Kavita Patel, Advisory Lead EMEA at @WARCEditors

Brand Secrets with @briancollins1: Authenticity and relevance

At @paradigmssummit 2022, we talked with @wearecollins founder Brian Collins, who shared priceless insights into the modern branding landscape. #authenticity #Branding #brands

Entering a new market is a challenge for any business. But it’s especially tough for marketers who need to bring the brand to life in that new market. We invited six experts to share their top tips for successfully localizing your brand. https://okt.to/CTzq03

The new year is around the corner, so why not dump the PDF guidelines in 2023? Check out why a digital solution is the way to go — and how companies such as VW and Lufthansa lead the way in dumping static brand guidelines. https://okt.to/x4zd2F

Learn how the Volkswagen Group harmonized its global design system to future-proof the way all its brands collaborate across the group with maximum consistency. https://okt.to/m5WQ8Z

The card in your pocket is a whole lot more than a simple plastic card. That's why credit card brands tell stories that go beyond their product. Discover whether Visa and Mastercard are achieving their desired #brand perceptions through #storytelling: https://okt.to/m8Z7yx

As part of our latest report in cooperation with @WARCEditors Antonis Kocheilas, Global CEO at Ogilvy Advertising, discusses the challenges associated with global brand management.  https://okt.to/tcBkHq

Stories connect us and bring abstract concepts to life. That's why watch brands turn the abstract concept of "time" into stories to relate to their audience. Learn about how storytelling cultivates unique brands that stand out, even in crowded markets:

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Where is Frontify headquarters?

Frontify headquarters is located at St.Gallen.

When was Frontify founded?

Frontify was founded in 2013.

How many employees does Frontify have?

Frontify has 50+ employees.

What is Frontify's core business?

Frontify is Computer Software company.

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