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We are Gameloft and our greatest reward is seeing that 1.5 million new Gameloft games are downloaded every day.

Our dream to offer mobile games to the entire planet through our products is about to become a reality.

We owe our success to the talent and passion of our teams. It is because of their dedication to excellence and attention to detail that we can offer games of unparalleled quality to our millions of fans.

Do we have strong franchises? Yes! Just take a look at Asphalt, Order & Chaos, Modern Combat or Dungeon Hunter. . We also have a great network of partners to help us deliver cool new games to your favorite device. Think Universal, Illumination Disney®, Marvel®, Hasbro®, Fox Digital Entertainment, Mattel®, Ferrari® and many more.

Gameloft is also home to Gameloft for brands and Gameloft Business Solutions, our business entities that provide gaming experiences for brands and carriers, respectively.

Learn how we create meaningful connections between people and brands at www.gameloft.com/forbrands and our customized gaming packages and subscription-based offers at www.gameloft.com/business-solutions.

Nous sommes Gameloft et voir que 1,5 million de nouveaux jeux Gameloft sont téléchargés chaque jour est notre plus grande récompense. Notre rêve d’offrir des jeux mobile à la planète entière à travers nos produits est en passe de devenir une réalité. Nous devons notre succès au talent et à la passion de nos équipes. C’est grâce à leur souci de l’excellence et du détail que nous pouvons proposer des jeux d’une qualité inégalée à nos millions de fans. Avons-nous des franchises bien établies ? Oui ! Regardez Asphalt, Order & Chaos, Modern Combat ou Dungeon Hunter. Nous avons également un excellent réseau de partenaires, qui nous permet de vous offrir de nouveaux jeux extraordinaires sur votre appareil préféré. Pensez à Universal, Illumination, Disney®, Marvel®, Hasbro®, Fox Digital Entertainment, Mattel®, Ferrari® et à bien d’autres.

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Tex, Val, the MC, and Aneni, a new character entering the Sniper Fury Universe, face a new challenge.
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Where is Gameloft headquarters?

Gameloft headquarters is located at Paris.

When was Gameloft founded?

Gameloft was founded in 1999.

How many employees does Gameloft have?

Gameloft has 50+ employees.

What is Gameloft's core business?

Gameloft is Computer Games company.

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