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Michael and Daniel met in 2015, while working for a DAM company. They quickly realized that they share the same mindset on software development, keeping a close eye on the disruptive JavaScript technologies that came to life. A couple of weeks later, the idea of a GraphQL CMS came to their minds, so they built it.

Today, most of Hygraph’s team operate remotely from different parts of the world, while around 30% works out of the Berlin HQ.

Hygraph is the federated content platform that allows true composability of your stack. Integrate all your services with our unique content federation approach and distribute content from anywhere – to anywhere using a single, powerful GraphQL API.

As the first GraphQL native Headless CMS, our mission is to remove traditional content management pain points by using the power of GraphQL, and take the idea of a Headless CMS to the next level.

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In a series of demos, @brob will show us how to build an effective and comprehensive learning platform that allows educators to create their own courses step-by-step.

Let's start by looking at the schema:

While it's no easy task to ensure the content is delivered swiftly and reliably on content-intensive applications, a headless CMS like Hygraph can help you manage them at scale. The following article will explain how:


Understanding what a CMS will truly cost you matters more than the number published on the pricing page.

In our recent article, we examined what the total cost of ownership (TCO) is and how to use it to calculate the total cost of a CMS:


Save the Date: 29.09 - 01.10.2023 CMSCamp Mallorca #cmscamppmi Stay tuned :-) For Follower - RT, like and answer "I want the tickets" to win 2 tickets for the first international CMS #barcamp @Hygraphcom @NinetailedHQ

👇 Let's build a job aggregator with no backend code using Hygraph, SvelteKit, and Tailwind CSS, and use Hygraph's Remote Source to aggregate job listings instead of gathering them from several sources:


We are excited to announce our new model-and-stage-based Partial Cache Invalidation.

Upon changes, instead of invalidating the entire cache, Hygraph will now only invalidate the model or stage at which the content changes were made.

Read more: https://hubs.la/Q01HDYrR0

We’re #hiring for a variety of positions across all departments. Take a look at our latest job opening if you haven't yet!


In our latest customer success story, we explore how @DrOetkerPizzaDE migrated to Hygraph with @AKQA, utilizing a MACH architecture with integrated tools like @Algolia to provide meaningful digital offers to consumers 👇


In spite of all that a headless CMS can offer, you must address some of the challenges that you might encounter as you migrate from an outdated architecture to a modern platform. 

Let's explore the top considerations before choosing a headless CMS:


With App Framework, we aim to combine the best editor experience with the best developer experience, so your organization gets the superpowers it deserves.

Find out how @brob used the App Framework to build a QR Code sidebar in Hygraph: https://hubs.la/Q01GxmZ_0

Whenever you migrate your CMS, you should take the time to plan ahead to avoid the mistakes we see companies make all the time.

To avoid project hiccups, use this 8-point checklist to determine where to focus your CMS migration efforts:


We have introduced significant improvements to our recently launched commenting feature.

Under the new assignment workflow, you can assign a comment to others, and resolve them upon completion. You can also start a discussion under a comment.

Read more: https://hubs.la/Q01FCjmb0

The simplicity, security, and scalability of static websites make them a popular choice among those looking to build a blazing-fast website.

Let's learn how to build a static site with Hugo, covering everything from installation through publishing.


With Flutter changing how developers approach cross-platform development, we are eager to leverage GraphQL's power.

Let’s find out how to configure and consume a GraphQL endpoint in a Flutter application by creating a blog application.


We are delighted to be the multi-tenant content platform of choice for Vision Healthcare, collaborating on the project with our headless partners @algolia and @commercetools!

Discover our latest customer success story at:

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Where is Hygraph headquarters?

Hygraph headquarters is located at Berlin.

When was Hygraph founded?

Hygraph was founded in 2017.

How many employees does Hygraph have?

Hygraph has 50+ employees.

What is Hygraph's core business?

Hygraph is Computer Software company.

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