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The Harbr data commerce platform powers high-margin data businesses by enabling customized data product design and delivery at scale to drive significant revenue. Collaborating directly with customers lets you deliver exactly what they need while also unlocking the high-margin use cases for your data.

With Harbr, you own a secure, branded storefront to build a refined experience, uphold customer data and enhance relationships. Your customers get to the precise data needed faster thanks to full-volume trials, the ability to bring in their own data and self-service delivery to anywhere.

Whether just starting with your first data product or looking to optimize your established operations, Harbr data commerce platform is what data businesses scale and build high margins on.

We are headquartered in London with a growing global team. If you’re interested in our innovative and friendly environment, check out our current openings.

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Why wouldn't you want to maximize the value of your 3rd-party data? Let us help you get started.

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"While 90% of a company's valuation lies in its intangible assets...there is very little agreement on how to quantify the value of its most important intangible asset: data."


Need a data marketplace, but unsure of the best approach? Evaluate your options in this guide.

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Data is one of the most valuable assets in the portfolio of the modern enterprise. Get the deep dive report.

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Hear from Harbr co-founder, @A_Cosgrove_, as he discusses the launch of Tasks on Harbr’s platform. The Tasks feature makes it easier, faster and more cost-efficient to create higher value, customized data products.

#newfeaturerelease #databusiness


We’re thrilled to announce a new feature release on the Harbr Data Commerce platform, Tasks. This new feature automates data product customization and model execution at an industrial scale. Learn more!

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Interested in how to build a high-value data business? Find out how Syntheticr did with Harbr.

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3 insightful questions you want to be answered about monetizing data. Paige Bartley, Senior Research Analyst, at @451Research is here to discuss her expertise and insights.

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What started the data revolution, and how did data become the focus of innovation? Download the full report here: https://bit.ly/3xlnN4Y. Gain insights from Harbr's Co-Founder, Anthony Cosgrove, and other industry experts. #RiseInsights #HomeofFinTech #innovation #data

Unlock high-value data products and revenue opportunities for your data business. Learn how Moody's Analytics did it with the Harbr data commerce platform.

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This report will enable data leaders to better understand how data exchanges vary and which are best suited to the requirements of their organization. Get it today.

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Learn about the new model of direct data commerce in this report by @jchilleary at @EckersonGroup.

P.S. Keep an eye out for Harbr's mention within the blog.

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Turn your data to revenue with Harbr's data commerce platform.

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Create data-driven outcomes for your data business quickly and easily with a data exchange. Get the guide to best evaluate your options.

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In the latest #RiseInsights report hear from the likes of @Google, ProGrad, @HarbrData and @holistic_ai on how our relationship with data has changed.

πŸ“– Download the report here: http://ms.spr.ly/6018w56eG


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Where is Harbr headquarters?

Harbr headquarters is located at London.

When was Harbr founded?

Harbr was founded in 2017.

How many employees does Harbr have?

Harbr has 50+ employees.

What is Harbr's core business?

Harbr is Information Technology & Services company.

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