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The Harbr data commerce platform powers high-margin data businesses by enabling customized data product design and delivery at scale to drive significant revenue. Collaborating directly with customers lets you deliver exactly what they need while also unlocking the high-margin use cases for your data.

With Harbr, you own a secure, branded storefront to build a refined experience, uphold customer data and enhance relationships. Your customers get to the precise data needed faster thanks to full-volume trials, the ability to bring in their own data and self-service delivery to anywhere.

Whether just starting with your first data product or looking to optimize your established operations, Harbr data commerce platform is what data businesses scale and build high margins on.

We are headquartered in London with a growing global team. If youโ€™re interested in our innovative and friendly environment, check out our current openings.

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"While the global market for data monetization brought in $2.1 billion in 2020, itโ€™s expected to balloon to $15.4 billion by 2030, growing 22.1% each year in the interim"

#monetizedata #datadrivenbusiness #datamonetization


Learn how to turn your data into a new revenue stream without exposing PII.

#banking #datacommerce #dataproducts


"Whatever the possibilities, invariably, the debate around data monetization returns to the same sticking point: you cannot monetize data until you know its value."

#datamonetization #datadrivenbusiness #monetizedata


"Valuable products win deeper emotional connections and lifetime relationships with the customers."'

#dataasaproduct #databusiness #dataproducts


Start your data monetization journey and learn how you can efficiently create high-value data products.

#datacommerce #datamonetization #dataproducts


"Like it or not, your business is a data business. And because of this fact, you need to start managing your data as a product"

#dataproducts #databusiness #datacommerce


Take your data business to the next level. Complete our data commerce maturity quiz to benchmark your business against hundreds of other data companies and learn how to drive extra revenue.

#datacommerce #databusiness #dataproducts #datamonetization


"As organizations continue their data journey, treating data as a product will be a vital component of unifying their data strategy in a highly distributed cloud environment."

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Ready to focus on your data monetization strategy? This guide helps data vendors reach their true potential.

#sellingdata #datacommerce #monetizedata #dataproducts


"How much data does your organization have that might be valuable enough to barter? Here are some tips for getting true value from your data."

#selldata #monetizedata #datacommerce #datadrivenbusiness


"Selling data is all about finding the match between use case and data product. Data vendors sell their most valuable data products where they own the customer relationship.."

#sellingdata #datamanagement #datacommerce #dataproducts


"Organizations that fail will not fail because of technology, but because of their inability to inspire change in the business culture." #datadriven #datatransformation #datacommerce #databusiness


What is the solution to the data quality problem? Treating your data just as you would treat your product.

#dataproducts #datamanagement #dataasaproduct


Take the next step on your data commerce journey. This short quiz will help you understand where youโ€™re at, and where you need to go next.

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Data commerce is the next big revenue opportunity for banks. Understand how in this blog.

#banking #datacommerce #datadriven


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Where is Harbr headquarters?

Harbr headquarters is located at London.

When was Harbr founded?

Harbr was founded in 2017.

How many employees does Harbr have?

Harbr has 50+ employees.

What is Harbr's core business?

Harbr is Information Technology & Services company.

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