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Identify Security was created to improve the efficiency of applying highly talented security professionals to solve security related business challenges. It is our mission to provide our partners the ability to solve critical vulnerabilities both expeditiously and on budget. We are a highly specialized conduit between the security talent marketplace and clients around the world who face security related issues each and every day.

To our Specialized IT Talent:
We aren’t a commodity based IT firm. We only work with clients that are in need of specialized, niche IT talent. That means we have jobs that are as challenging as they are rewarding. We work with Fortune 2000 companies and have proven processes in place to make an efficient and rewarding experience. We live and breath in this industry only. We don’t blast resumes to our clients; we know the specific needs of our clients and find the best possible candidate for the position.

To our Security Talent:
Identify Security understands the unique needs of the security professional. Our mission is to give you a different experience, by helping you define your market value and find opportunities that meet your goals. We have the partnerships in place that will keep you relevant, working on security business challenges you enjoy, and ultimately increase your market value. We continually engage with our partners for new opportunities; maximize your career with us!

To our Corporate Customers:
Identify Security was built to help corporations match their current critical vulnerabilities to a security talent pipeline built to provide solutions. Our specialty is engaging talent that has proven success solving security business challenges. We specialize in security business drivers, Security Architects, Security Engineers and Security Analysts across all security layers. Simply put Identify Recruiting is a premier partner in the IT security eco-system.

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Where is Identify Security headquarters?

Identify Security headquarters is located at Milwaukee, WI.

When was Identify Security founded?

Identify Security was founded in 2008.

How many employees does Identify Security have?

Identify Security has 20-29 employees.

What is Identify Security's core business?

Identify Security is Computer & Network Security company.

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