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Prospecting should be fun and easy. Sadly, many sales reps hate prospecting. That’s why we built LeadIQ. LeadIQ eliminates the most annoying parts of prospecting, helping sales reps get new deals with less work.

The average sales rep only spends 1/4 of their time actually prospecting. That’s because reps spend their days looking up prospects in Salesforce, researching them on the web, finding lead contact info, and doing manual data entry. That’s not why you hired your sales team, it’s not why they work in sales, and it just isn’t a good use of anyone’s time.

With millions of emails, phone numbers, titles, and accounts, our prospecting platform makes it easy to focus on your pitch and build relationships, without sacrificing a clean Salesforce. To see what experiments we’re trying in prospecting, or try out platform, visit http://leadiq.com

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Tips to make sure longer buying cycles are used effectively for sellers and buyers:

1. Proactively get ahead of competitors
2. Identify stakeholders early
3. Review processes & reduce friction
4. Ensure free trials aren't frustrating.

The clearer your product's value, the more likely someone will receive it.

It’s easier to get to “Yes!” when your value proposition is clear.

Here are 3 simple methods for writing a value prop that persuades: https://bit.ly/3XVkIm1

Prospects are doing more due diligence than ever before, causing the buying cycle timeline & touches to increase. Optimize and use the extra time by proactively getting ahead, identifying potential stakeholders, reviewing processes, and ensuring a smooth free trial experience.

ChatGPT is a versatile tool, but what does it think a sales message is? Can it push out cold emails with no problem? 🧐 👨🏻‍💻

Zach Franzen answers these questions and more in our latest webinar.

Watch the whole conversation on demand: https://bit.ly/3F7D9Nx

Lighten the load and unfurl the SALES. ⛵️

Learn how to navigate your sales team through a recession with a renewed focus on fundamentals. Download our guide:


📣The future of sales is precise AND personalized 📣

Personalized messaging leads to:

✅ Higher productivity
✅ More responses
✅ Better meetings
✅ Increased pipeline

But a lot of a seller's time is spent on low-value activity. Let's change that: https://bit.ly/3mFBGY8

Building a remote sales culture is challenging but not impossible.

Technology is certainly up to the task of keeping us connected. 👩🏽‍💻🧑🏿‍💻

But how can you incorporate the human aspects of a remote world to set your sales team up for success? Find out: https://bit.ly/40Jh3Kb

Noticed a shift in who's at the buying table?

Finance, IT & execs are playing bigger roles in the decision-making process.

Know their challenges, goals & metrics for success to avoid being blindsided as your deal progresses.

Hiring? Don’t just use traditional recruiting methods. You’ll be leaving talented sellers off the table.

Look for hospitality, retail, military, or athletic backgrounds.

These backgrounds have the tenacity, curiosity, discipline, and team mindset to excel as a seller.

As Millennials and Gen Z increase their seats at the buying table, we'll see a shift to buyer-initiated outreach.

But don't forget the importance of #outboundprospecting. Respect the buyer's journey & focus on hyper-personalization and key sales triggers to engage effectively.

We've been talking a lot about generative AI – now's your chance to try the smart prospect platform with AI that understands the importance of personalization, value props, transitions, and workflows.

Sign up and get 40 emails a month for free: https://leadiq.com/scribe?utm_campaign=TryScribeFreeFeb2023&utm_content=1679932327&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter

📲 Over 49 million mobile contacts
📲 More data sources.
📲 A trust but verify approach.
📲 Prioritized customer searches.
📲A global data operations team.

This is what a smart B2B contact database looks like.

More about our data investments: https://bit.ly/404VCCV

5 reasons Sales Navigator is better for prospecting than LinkedIn’s free version👇

1. More search results
2. Increased profile views
3. Advanced search
4. Lists
5. TeamLink

It may have started as a social network, but is now a must-have prospecting tool: https://bit.ly/3CBT0md

Good sellers are hiding everywhere.

Don't be afraid to think outside the box when hiring your next SDR.

Hospitality, retail, service, athletics, the Military... all these backgrounds lend themselves well to being a great seller.

Let’s take a look at the huge investment we’ve placed in mobile data at LeadIQ as we work towards building a smarter database to help your team build more pipeline.


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Where is LeadIQ headquarters?

LeadIQ headquarters is located at Redwood City, California.

When was LeadIQ founded?

LeadIQ was founded in 2015.

How many employees does LeadIQ have?

LeadIQ has 50+ employees.

What is LeadIQ's core business?

LeadIQ is Computer Software company.

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