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LendingTree (NASDAQ: TREE) is the nation’s leading online marketplace that connects consumers with the choices they need to be confident in their financial decisions. LendingTree empowers consumers to shop for financial services the same way they would shop for airline tickets or hotel stays, comparing multiple offers from a nationwide network of over 500 partners in one simple search, and can choose the option that best fits their financial needs. Services include mortgage loans, mortgage refinances, auto loans, personal loans, business loans, student refinances, credit cards and more. Through the My LendingTree platform, consumers receive free credit scores, credit monitoring and recommendations to improve credit health. My LendingTree proactively compares consumers’​ credit accounts against offers on our network, and notifies consumers when there is an opportunity to save money. In short, LendingTree’s purpose is to help simplify financial decisions for life’s meaningful moments through choice, education and support. LendingTree, LLC is a subsidiary of LendingTree, Inc

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A #PersonalLoan is an attractive option for borrowers looking to manage #debt. Pros/cons: http://ow.ly/U1mO50Jfc8a
#LendingTree #Fintech #Loan #DebtConsolidation #DebtPaydown #Money #Finance #Lending #DebtFree #FinancialHealth

You don’t need to stay loyal to any single bank when there are better offers out there. Shop & compare #checking, #savings, #CDs & more with us: http://ow.ly/t5bY50JcULt
#LendingTree #Fintech #Banking #Finance #Money #PersonalFinance

If you get a jump on your repayment schedule while you’re in school or during your loan’s grace period, you can trim what you owe in total interest over time, saving you money while you repay your loans. http://ow.ly/1fgG50J9pAF

Overall, 70% of Americans say world news and current events factor into their financial decisions. This is most common among those whose annual household income is between $50,000 and $74,999 (80%), Democrats (77%), investors (77%) and millennials (76%). http://ow.ly/zQpE50J9q5k

Losing a job and collecting unemployment benefits have no direct impact on your credit report or credit score. However, unemployment could have trickle-down consequences that can do serious damage to your credit. http://ow.ly/nLOS50Jb5S5

Workers who switched jobs and moved within the U.S. — whether in state or out of state — saw their average earnings jump 11%. A LendingTree analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data shows average earnings jumping in 42 of the 43 states. http://ow.ly/fALe50Javb8

What does it REALLY mean for your finances if an unpaid #debt goes into #collections? Find out here: http://ow.ly/FRII50Jc0xr
#LendingTree #Fintech #Finance #Debt #PersonalFinance #Money #Credit #FinancialHealth

We're honored to have Chris Woodfolk join our Board of Advisors! Chris serves as a corporate citizenship partner at Charlotte-based LendingTree, where he is responsible for the company’s corporate giving strategy and philanthropic initiatives.


"By being passive, we are, unfortunately, being complicit." - @shivsingh, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, @LendingTree

#FutureofBranding #AAPIHeritageMonth

Let’s do this @PJWashington 🤞🏼

The #ReverseMortgage often gets a bad rap. There are lots of myths out there about what they do & how they work. We’ve debunked 5 of them: http://ow.ly/iORm50J9M4J
#LendingTree #Fintech #Retirement #Money #PersonalFinance #HomeEquity

Probably not. Balance transfer cards typically require a good to exceptional credit score (ranging from 670 to 850). If your credit is poor or fair (ranging from 300 to 669) you will likely be denied if you try to apply for a balance transfer card. http://ow.ly/1KFK50J8S2h

With a CD, you promise to keep an amount in the account for a period of time in exchange for a guaranteed interest rate. With a savings account, the interest rate may change, and you can remove funds without penalty up to a certain point. http://ow.ly/WjNs50J8RPM

Your #CreditScore isn't a reflection of how much #money you have. It demonstrates how good you are (or aren’t 👀) at paying #debt & impacts your ability to borrow more in the future: http://ow.ly/fas250J8Qf3

#LendingTree #Fintech #PersonalFinance #Wealth #Credit #FinancialHealth

We love the art AND the message here — seen on the walls of @lendingtree in South End. An ideal message to start the week! Go forth and spread creativity.

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Where is LendingTree headquarters?

LendingTree headquarters is located at Charlotte, NC.

When was LendingTree founded?

LendingTree was founded in 1996.

How many employees does LendingTree have?

LendingTree has 50+ employees.

What is LendingTree's core business?

LendingTree is Financial Services company.

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