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We are on a mission to build a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free. As the global leader in micromobility, we partner with cities to provide a clean alternative to cars. Our fleet of electric bikes and scooters has powered more than 250 million rides in more than 200 cities across five continents replacing 60 million car rides. And this is just the beginning. Learn more at li.me

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The future of shared 🛴 in #Paris will be decided in less than a month and a recently-released report commissioned by the City of Paris highlights how much Parisians stand to lose if the program ends.

⬇️⬇️⬇️ Check out our blog post to learn more: https://www.li.me/blog/revealed-paris-city-hall-study-finds-e-scooters-are-safe-and-increasingly-replace-car-use

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Excited to announce our first community education event with @FDNY who will be helping us teach how to safely use lithium-ion batteries, commonly found in rechargeable electronics like 📱💻🛴🚲!

Register for the webinar here: http://bitly.ws/AwRW

I am so proud to share that @limebike delivered our first EBITDA profitable year ever! The first micromobility company to achieve this milestone in history!

Micromobility is here to stay, and Lime is leading the way to a green transportation future.


2022 turned out to be our best year yet! Today, we’re incredibly proud to announce that Lime is the first shared electric vehicle company to post a full profitable year. 💚🛴🚲🌎

Check out our blog post to learn more: https://www.li.me/blog/lime-becomes-the-first-shared-electric-vehicle-company-to-achieve-a-full-profitable-year

We couldn't agree more. 🚲💪💚

🗳️🇩🇪 Tomorrow is re-election day in #Berlin! Need a ride? We’re offering 50% off rides to and from the polling place on February 12. Use the promo code: LIMEBER2023 to make sure your voice is heard!

We’re on a mission to shine light on Black-owned small businesses. All month long, start a trip at any of our incredible partners and you’ll earn 25% off ride. See the full list of businesses we partnered up with and start planning your trips: https://www.li.me/black-history-month

Special thanks to the city of #Düsseldorf for promoting greener transportation options! We celebrated the opening of Universität Mensa and Universität Mitte, the newest mobility stations at Heinrich Heine University by raffling off tons of free helmets! 💚🛴🚲

📸: CMD

"We should reframe the conversation about the future of urban mobility from being car-centric to being carbon-centric."

-Former @EPA administrator, Carol M. Browner and Lime's Head of Sustainability, Andrew Savage explain why prioritizing 🛴🚲 is key in fighting climate change.

🔈Hey #SaltLakeCity, let's ride! Our Gen 4 e-scooters have just hit the streets. Experience the future of transportation with our smoothest, greenest, and most comfortable scooter today.

While #Paris considers banning greener transportation options, @KarimaDelli declared in @LeMondefr, “Paris has a heavy responsibility in the ecological transition of major European cities.”

On April 2nd, vote to keep shared e-scooters in Paris for a carbon-free future!

We’re proud to be offering eligible Londoners who 👋 goodbye to their polluting machine in search of a greener future with 300 minutes of free 🛴 minutes as part of @tfl’s #ULEZ scrappage scheme. (T&Cs apply)

Check your eligibility & find out more at http://www.li.me/londonulez

100,000 people die in France every year due to air pollution. 100,000 people. If we want to lower mortality rates and build a carbon-free future, we need to work with cities to get people out of cars and trucks and into the bike lanes. #RideGreen


Catch our CEO, @wayneting on the @standardnews's “How to Be a CEO” podcast. He's breaking down how we're building a carbon-free future for transportation and why "management with optimism" is essential during crisis. 🌎🛴🚲

🎧⬇️Listen here: https://www.standard.co.uk/business/lime-bike-ceo-wayne-ting-optimism-in-a-crisis-b1051692.html

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Where is Lime headquarters?

Lime headquarters is located at San Francisco, California.

When was Lime founded?

Lime was founded in 2017.

How many employees does Lime have?

Lime has 50+ employees.

What is Lime's core business?

Lime is Internet company.

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