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We are on a mission to build a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free. As the global leader in micromobility, we partner with cities to provide a clean alternative to cars. Our fleet of electric bikes and scooters has powered more than 250 million rides in more than 200 cities across five continents replacing 60 million car rides. And this is just the beginning. Learn more at li.me

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📅You won't want to miss this! 6/14/22

Catch @wayneting and former @EPA Administrator Carol Browner at @TechCrunch #ClimateSessions. They'll discuss the challenges and roles that innovation, policy and investment can play in greening up transportation.

Ditch your vehicle, grab a bike and #BikeToWork...wherever that is. If you're heading to the office, cafe, or beach, it doesn't matter where as long as you bike there!

Last week we participated in Zurich's Cycle Week, the epicenter of cycling in Switzerland. Thousands of people gathered to learn about all things cycling and we were honored to be able to provide safety training and education to all those who stopped by our booth.

We joined @ChicagosMayor, @MOPDChicago, and @ChicagoDOT Commissioner @gia_biagi in recognition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day to give away helmets and demonstrate our scooters in preparation for our return to Chicago!

I’m delighted to announce that @LimeBike will be available to use in Hackney from June.

Cycling has many benefits - from supporting people’s health to easing traffic and improving air quality.

Here we are in the cycling capital of London. More here ➡️ https://news.hackney.gov.uk/lime-dockless-bike-hire-scheme-to-launch-in-hackney/

The "live, laugh, love" of riders. Don't be that couple. Start a group ride and always ride one person per scooter.

Flatten hills. Shorten commutes. Explore more of your city. Our Gen4 e-bike does all of that and more.

Great to see companies like @limebike taking care of those who take care of us in #NYC! If you are a delivery rider stop by 84TH & 3rd to pickup a free helmet until 2pm today.

🇦🇺 Our goal is to help make it easier to vote in the cities we serve. We're offering a 25% discount on e-scooter and e-bike rides to the polls from the start of early voting through to election day across Australia. @cityofsydney @WaverleyCouncil @woollahramc @RandwickMayor

We're excited to announce a #pilot with @Google to help our riders park correctly. Through the use of Google's #VisualPositioningSystem, riders saw a 26% reduction in parking errors! https://www.li.me/blog/lime-pilots-googles-augmented-reality-technology-to-improve-e-bike-and-e-scooter-parking

Hey @CityCharleston👋, Lime is now live! Big thanks to @MUSChealth and everyone who came out to our first ride event. Looks like you can consider our Gen4 e-bikes Mayor Tecklenburg approved. ✅

We're here! 🛴🚲 @Richmond_BC, #Dubai, #Wetzikon, @CityCharleston. Check out how to safely ride our vehicles for a smooth, first ride. --> https://youtu.be/im1m106TBYU

At Lime, our mission is to build a future for transportation that is shared, affordable and carbon-free. It’s why we focus on building the most reliable, highest-quality hardware. See what makes our Gen4 e-scooters and e-bikes stand out from the rest. https://youtu.be/Cafd74dZnaQ

🇬🇧It's Local Elections Day in the UK! Use code LIMETOPOLLSUK to get a free Lime scooter ride to and from polling stations and make your voice heard 🛴🗳️ #LimeToThePolls

May the 4th of safety be with you. If you're riding with friends, start a group ride and always ride one person per scooter. #MayThe4thBeWithYou

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Where is Lime headquarters?

Lime headquarters is located at San Francisco, California.

When was Lime founded?

Lime was founded in 2017.

How many employees does Lime have?

Lime has 50+ employees.

What is Lime's core business?

Lime is Internet company.

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