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Myagi is a Channel Sales Enablement platform that lets you deliver the right knowledge to the right people at the right time across multiple employees, teams, regions, and even other companies.

Through Myagi, both suppliers and their reseller partners can optimize sell-through by improving what we call the Knowledge Supply Chainโ€”the path information takes to get from its start to end, across multiple companies and teams and people.

If youโ€™ve ever had issues with important knowledge not getting to the right place, not getting there in time, not being understood, or easily being forgotten, you probably have a broken Knowledge Supply Chain.

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Article: #SpecialtyRetail's Superpower for Winning Against eCommerce https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/specialty-retails-superpower-winning-against-sam-parsons/?trackingId=dHxiLWyAQWa0BCb%2FpuKXmQ%3D%3D #customerservice

What you're missing about your supposedly "excellent" customer experience scores: https://buff.ly/2VRjWXm

You might think you can't afford more training for sales associates. In reality, you can't afford to skip it: https://buff.ly/2u0KUjh

In the 21st century, customer experience will be the thing that sinks or saves a retailer. So where's your Customer Experience Manager? https://buff.ly/2F3xIQN

Serious question: Who's looking after your brand? https://buff.ly/2u0xl38

Here's one for the #brands : how can you sell to your vendors more effectively? https://buff.ly/2VSKY0b

How can you help your customers see themselves as the protagonist in your retail story? Let's chat about it: https://buff.ly/2F6fpLa

Do you need a movie break? Why not make it productive by getting a leadership lesson at the same time? https://buff.ly/2u0K4mD

Are you struggling with writing your training video scripts? These are ten of our favorite training videos on Myagi, check them out for inspiration: https://buff.ly/2Grq3Lb

Retail has some of the highest employee turnover rates of any industry. Use these 4 key tips to drive your employee turnover rate down: https://buff.ly/2DJPl4d

Have you double checked in 2019 that you're still in compliance with GDPR? If not, it's probably time. https://buff.ly/2y2SAWU

It's not just about regulation compliance, it's about creating comfortable experiences for all customers. Is your business accessibility and disability ready? https://buff.ly/2t7WCYl

In front of the camera today filming with @CotswoldTV for @SpringPROutdoor and @LekiUK. Presenting training videos for the @Myagiapp training platform #walkingpoles #Myagi #LEKIpoles

We loved working with @CotswoldTV and #ArdblairSports yesterday to produce brand new @Myagiapp training videos for @LekiUK #trainingvideos #Myagi #walkingpoles Check out the Spring office turned into a green screen studio!

Our President & Co-Founder Simon spoke to our friends @zendesk about How Retailers can make the most of this Holiday Shopping Season!
Find out what Simon & other leading industry professionals had to say about capitalizing on this frantic shopping period-

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Where is Myagi headquarters?

Myagi headquarters is located at Denver, Colorado.

When was Myagi founded?

Myagi was founded in 2014.

How many employees does Myagi have?

Myagi has 50+ employees.

What is Myagi's core business?

Myagi is Internet company.

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