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Omega Point empowers the institutional investment community with a modern decision-making platform that endows users with unprecedented control over their investment ideas, strategies and outcomes.

Our team brings both its industry expertise and its talent in building groundbreaking enterprise products as we work to transform the investment landscape. We push the boundaries of cloud-based computational power, big data analysis and AI, and enable supremely flexible and scalable workflow solutions that give professional investors that needed edge to succeed in today’s markets.

Omega Point clients include top fundamental asset managers, hedge funds, and institutional allocators worldwide. Users include portfolio managers, risk teams, c-level executives, quant support, marketing teams and others within many of the world’s largest investment firms.

Omega Point maintains deep partnerships with industry-leading firms that include: MSCI Barra, Qontigo/Axioma, Wolfe Research, FactSet, S&P Global, Siepe, Enfusion, and others, including brokers and trading execution providers.

The firm is headquartered in San Francisco.

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Yesterday’s #fedratehike further rattled #investors worried about a #bankcrisis. Today, we kick off a series to probe the market reaction & reveal factor drivers + banks and financial services stocks best and worst positioned to weather the storm. https://buff.ly/3JHoRog

With a potential #BankingCrisis unfolding, #investors are grappling with a market embodied by historic factor influence and volatility. This week’s Factor Spotlight reveals stock characteristics, sectors, and regions impacted by the mounting turmoil. https://buff.ly/402vFDJ

The failures of #SVB and #SignatureBank have US regulators scrambling to avert a potential banking crisis. This week’s Factor Spotlight explores the market’s 'risk-on' positioning and implications for investors as events unfold.  https://buff.ly/405mDW6

Europe’s hot #inflation reports and spiking bond yields have investors piling into stocks inversely correlated with #interestrates. This week's Factor Spotlight examines the most rate-friendly sectors to seek shelter in and those to avoid. https://buff.ly/3Zrj4cT

The window closed on #stock pickers benefiting from alpha's recent resurgence as the market went defensive. This week we highlight the factors driving this reversal and reveal the sectors to which #investors are fleeing in this latest 'risk off' market. https://buff.ly/3xUE9k7

Volatile, #alpha-driven markets are showering #Stock pickers with abundant opportunities in the U.S. and globally. This week’s Factor Spotlight inspects the stock characteristics, sectors, and regions that are in demand and on the move. https://buff.ly/3KtdoKN

A favorable stock-picking market has unlocked a rare window of opportunity for #investors to capture company-specific gains as prices remain volatile. This week we probe where alpha has emerged and which drivers are impacting the #stockmarkets. https://buff.ly/3YR6JON

A booming labor market and other positive signals of late have #stockmarket #investors taking on more risk. This week we apply our ‘Extreme Movers’ metrics to examine several budding trends, including the tilt from value into growth. https://buff.ly/3DIxCfm

#EarningsSeason & possible hike in #interestrates have investors on edge despite the recent #stockmarket rally. This week we introduce the first in a series of use cases on our new website to help investors better navigate the volatile market landscape. https://buff.ly/3Jnccs5

We’re thrilled to share our new website: https://www.ompnt.com/. It’s packed to the gills with rich and timely content to help make it easy for professional #investors to turn their data into decisions and achieve their #investment goals. We hope you can check it out!

#StockMarkets have started the year strong, buoyed by systematic forces that present a challenging environment for many #investors. This week we apply our ‘Extreme Movers’ metrics to peel back the layers around the diverse forces driving today’s markets. https://buff.ly/3CTA4iV

To the dismay of #investors, 2022 ended as one of the most factor-driven and volatile years in #StockMarket history. This week we compare 'the year #alpha went missing' with earlier regimes to lay out a framework to help investors navigate through 2023.https://buff.ly/3k1VMe7

As the New Year approaches, many #investors are increasingly anxious about potential #stagflation in 2023. This week we examine historical stagflation, discuss today's risks, and share initial our findings on how to best protect your portfolio.

Mixed messages about the health of the US economy have many investors questioning the #FederalReserve's next steps. This week we apply our ‘Extreme Movers’ metrics to uncover how #investment flows are changing in an increasingly murky economic landscape. https://buff.ly/3VRPhse

Mixed signals from the U.S. and China are further upending global #investment flows. This week we apply our ‘Extreme Movers’ metrics to examine a surge in U.S. #alpha + an unusual sector-based barbell effect now in play among investors globally.

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Where is Omega Point headquarters?

Omega Point headquarters is located at San Francisco, CA.

When was Omega Point founded?

Omega Point was founded in 2013.

How many employees does Omega Point have?

Omega Point has 20-29 employees.

What is Omega Point's core business?

Omega Point is Investment Management company.

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