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Osano is an easy-to-use data privacy platform that instantly helps your website become compliant with laws such as GDPR and CCPA. Osano works to keep you out of trouble and monitors all of the vendors you share data with – so you don’t have to.

We are passionately building the future of privacy and trust online. Join us!

Fully Distributed Team

Osano is a fully distributed team with no central office. Members of our team join from both coasts, the mid-west, Texas, and even outside the country. Remote startup work requires discipline and good processes, but if you love working from home, you’ll love working at Osano.

Mission Driven Culture

Good data privacy practices by companies are good for the world. We wake up every day excited to change the world and keep the internet that we all know and love safe and transparent.

Diversity from Day #1

Diversity in hiring is important to us. From the day the company was started, our founders have prioritized diversity in hiring. Different isn’t just ok, different is better!

Unlimited Paid Vacation

Building a world changing company is hard work and sometimes you need a break. We encourage all of our team members to take the time they need to recoup and refresh as much as they need.

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Osano's own @arlogilbert was featured in the latest episode of "She Said Privacy/He Said Security," hosted by Jodi Daniels of @redcloveradvsrs and Justin Daniels of Baker Donelson. Give it a listen to learn more about where Osano's going:


In last week's #PrivacyInsider, we talked about Iowa working toward becoming the 6th US State #PrivacyLaw, and this week, it's official!

We also discuss:
🤳 Utah’s new #SocialMedia law,
🏊 a deep dive into the #GPC,
➕ and much more.

https://pvcy.me/40rkXqx #PrivacyNews

As Q1 comes to a close, you've likely spent a good deal of time learning more about what your company needs this year. And if you or your company is new(er) to #DataPrivacy, you might have learned you need a little help. Enter privacy management software: https://pvcy.me/3zgicwg

Attending the @PrivacyPros' #GPS23 next week? So are we! We'd love to meet with you, chat, and discuss all things #privacy. Plus, we're doing a giveaway for a $500 Airbnb Gift card for those who stop by booth 318! Schedule time with us for a chance to win: https://pvcy.me/3M13Pnr

The California Attorney General's $1.2 million settlement with Sephora for violating the #CCPA cited the failure to process opt-out requests via Global Privacy Control (GPC) as one violation. But what is the #GPC? We review it here:

The 3rd biggest pitfall of a #privacy program is going to the C-Suite without a plan. You can't secure buy-in without the details to back it up. Plus, a well thought-out proposal will help you convince the unwilling *and* secure the necessary commitment. https://pvcy.me/3LKrAzQ

Which state is Captain Kirk's future birthplace *and* is on its way to adopting data privacy legislation? Find out in today's #PrivacyInsider, plus:
🇪🇺 EU to investigate #DPOs,
📢 #TikTok’s PR blitz,
👍 #Meta’s pixel illegal in the EU,
➕ and more.


Data privacy impacts departments across your organization. Without buy-in from your colleagues, keeping your company #compliant — and your customers happy — becomes a chore for everyone. Not securing buy-in is just 1 of 7 #privacy program challenges: https://pvcy.me/3FDinW8

Are you attending the @PrivacyPros' #GPS23 on 4/4-4/5? So are we! We'd love to meet with you, chat, and discuss new #privacy laws (did you see the news about Iowa?!) Plus, we's doing a giveaway for a $500 Airbnb Gift card for those who stop by booth no. 318 to meet with us!

According to @pewresearch, 60% of consumers don't understand what companies do with their #PersonalData. And unfortunately, at least some of your coworkers fall into that same camp. So how do you explain privacy issues to your colleagues? Find out: https://pvcy.me/42sNOw0

#CPRA enforcement starts in just about 3.5 months. Is your company ready? The #consent requirements listed below are just one piece of the puzzle — learn everything you need to know in our CPRA Survival kit: https://pvcy.me/3TlEEO1 #PrivacyLaws #PrivacyCompliance

While many #PrivacyLaws are focused on #consumer rights, more and more are introducing some form of employee #data rights, too — especially following the #CPRA and the #GDPR. As a result, it might be time to create an employee privacy policy. Learn more:

In this edition of #PrivacyInsider:
🕵️The FBI’s warrantless data collection,
📱TikTok’s Project Clover,
🏥 telehealth data sharing,
➕ and more.

#DataPrivacy #PrivacyNews #PrivacyCompliance


Osano has been certified as a Great Place to Work again! 98% of Osanians said we’re a great place to work—a full 41 points higher than the average U.S. Check out the press release to learn more: https://pvcy.me/3yFusGr
#GPTW23 #PrivacyJobs

Marketing works with a lot of #data, so it's vital they play a role in maintaining your #DataPrivacy practices, which @RootstrapInc's VP of Marketing points out below. To learn more about marketing's privacy mindset, we teamed up with @Join_Pavilion: https://pvcy.me/3JBK6sF

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Where is Osano headquarters?

Osano headquarters is located at Austin, Texas.

When was Osano founded?

Osano was founded in 2018.

How many employees does Osano have?

Osano has 40-49 employees.

What is Osano's core business?

Osano is Computer Software company.

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