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Our mission is to create a more equal world by making it possible for companies everywhere to hire people anywhere. We believe it should be easy for any company to hire any person, no matter where either is located in the world.

Now more than ever, smart companies can’t allow the location of their HQ to dictate the size of their talent pool. Your next transformative hire could be anywhere.

We also believe the most in-demand knowledge workers today want to leverage a global career perspective, the freedom to live where they want, and the security of full-fledged employment with benefits.

But today, the flow between talent and opportunity around the globe is still blocked by the costs and legal complexity companies face before they can fully employ in another country. Cross-border hiring is still arcane, remarkably un-transformed by software, and ripe for disruption.

We are also motivated by the opportunity for positive social impact. Removing these barriers makes the world a better place in three ways: 1) It helps redress inequalities of access to opportunity, 2) It allows for the distribution of wealth to places other than the major cities of the world, and 3) It supports the environmentally-friendly and business-smart shift to remote working.

Our software platform is created to solve for the complexities of giving full-time, full-fledged employment to anyone in the world, while providing a delightful experience to employers and employees.

With Oyster, you can hire remote full-time employees anywhere in the world, provide fully-compliant payroll, and give your valued remote hires around the world the benefits and perks they deserve.

Oyster has Pending B Corporation status. Read our social impact thesis: https://www.oysterhr.com/impact-thesis

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74.6% of people from the report said they were having a hard time focusing on work because of the cost of living crisis.

@HeyOyster's recent Employee Disillusionment Report found out how the state of the World is affecting workers in 2023 ⬇️

https://www.unleash.ai/employee-experience-and-engagement/your-employees-are-disillusioned/ #HR

Congratulations to @HeyOyster for getting their app listed on the Xero Marketplace! We're glad we could be part of the process.

Read Oyster's story: https://bit.ly/3JDi6DX
Read our tips for getting certified on the #Xero App Store: https://bit.ly/3FJ4WnJ

#integrations #api

finally getting some official pics back from vegas for hr transform. the team SHOWED OUT this year.

Employees facing a world of constant pressures.

Learn from modern knowledge workers about their biggest challenges and what employers can do to change work for the better

Download here: https://bit.ly/3TzlhRD

Did you attended @hr_transform this year?

What was your favorite part?

What happens in Vegas... 🎰🎲
Builds better businesses where everyone belongs.
Bet you didn't see that last part coming!

But it's true thanks to the @hr_transform team and the many talented human resource leaders we met this week.

We appreciate everyone who shared their time… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1641481716891271168

And that’s a wrap! See you next year @hr_transform ✨

According to a @HeyOyster report, workers consider regular #payraises (86%), psychological safety (84%) & #flexiblework (83%) the most valued aspects of their workplace.

Specific answers differed by respondents race & gender:

#PayisPowerful (via @hrdive) https://at.pysc.al/v77

We had such a great conversation at @hr_transform today discussing mental wellness and the future of leave management. 💯

Thank you, @HeyOyster , @Affirm & @Matterport for reserving a space with us to talk about such an important topic. 👏 #transform2023 #mentalhealthmatters

A behind the scenes look of our President, Ellen Silver, recording our @hr_transform award acceptance video.

We won "team Builder: Connected Culture of the Year"

“Think about what is a healthy body for YOU? And what can your workplace team do to support that?” [email protected]

@hr_transform #Transform2023 #mindmatters

“Just creating the space is not the end of the conversation” [email protected]

@hr_transform #mindmatters

Live with @hello_tilt at @hr_transform ✨

#mindmatters #transform2023 @kimskitchensink

Also, you don’t want to miss this session today! @hello_tilt @hr_transform @kimskitchensink

#Transform2023 is not over yet! Stop by our booth today, 411.

Get some swag and meet our team.

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Where is Oyster HR headquarters?

Oyster HR headquarters is located at Southern US.

When was Oyster HR founded?

Oyster HR was founded in 2020.

How many employees does Oyster HR have?

Oyster HR has 50+ employees.

What is Oyster HR's core business?

Oyster HR is Computer Software company.

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