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Presail is a software and web service for everything related to management of presales. We help VC’s and their investors get the overview they’ve been missing and make it even simpler and more secure to contribute, distribute and manage deals.

Our journey started after struggling ourselves with keeping track of everything. With over 200 presales and spreadsheets to manage as an individual investor across different incubators, thing took a toll and we wanted to solve this for ourselves and many others. Our vision is to become the leader of presale management services with security as our most important priority.

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What happened in #Web3 last week:

- Microsoft is reportedly building a web3 wallet for its Edge Browser.
- Dubai Free Trade Zone Partners With South Korean Companies to Expand Web3 and Metaverse Business.
- Salesforce launches new Web3 platform to help brands offer NFTs.

What happened in Web 3 yesterday? 🧐

- Facebook-parent Meta plans to lay off another 10,000 employees.
- OpenAI Announces GPT-4 Language Model.
- MetaMask resolves a privacy issue that linked accounts.
- Deaton Prepares to Fight for SEC vs. Ripple Case’s Clarity From Courts.

"The best products are about what you don't see in them."

Don't be a feature factory.

Apparently, every node provider in crypto is the fastest and most reliable 🧐

The community-led VC movement is maturing a lot faster than people realize.

1. We have customers now who get into the same rounds with A16Z, Paradigm, and Accel.
2. When we launched Presail KYC a year ago, people hated it. Now, most use it. It's happening. One step at a time.

Proper due diligence on web 3 startups will drastically reduce scams, financial loss and help mature the ecosystem.

What to look at:
1. Operational DD
2. Token relevance
3. Market size
4. Founder team

Here's the start of an open playbook:

40.91% of the investment groups we surveyed don't allow OTC.

Why? The overall complexity and the time-consuming process of having to deal with it

We're solving that with our new features this year 🫡

Luna in May. Celsius in June. FTX in November.

2022 was crazy.

How did that affect the presale space?

We're showing you the developments month after month through the most insane year in crypto's history.


What are the benefits of raising funds from investment groups over a traditional VC?

We asked investment groups for their thoughts on the topic.

We agree. Read the full report "State of Presales 2022" here:

Thorough due diligence is the key to any successful investment.

That's one of many things investment communities will help you with. DuckDAO said it perfectly:

Which platform is best for running investment groups?

Telegram and Discord have been the top choices for years, but our annual survey announced the winner of 2022.

Telegram, with 55,89% of the votes 🫡

Read the full report:

Happy New Year from the Presail team 🥳

According to our survey, 18.20% of investment groups still distribute tokens to their members by manually transferring.

That's a time-consuming process every investment group in Web3 should automate.

Read the full report here:

Which platform is best for running investment groups?

Telegram and Discord have been the top choices for years, but our annual survey announced the winner of 2022.

Telegram, with 55,89% of the votes 🫡

Participating in crypto presales has been complex for anyone new to the space. Navigating the space without a network to point you in the right direction can be challenging.

We're trying to change that. How to get in on crypto presales 👇

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Where is Presail headquarters?

Presail headquarters is located at Oslo.

When was Presail founded?

Presail was founded in 2021.

How many employees does Presail have?

Presail has 1-19 employees.

What is Presail's core business?

Presail is Internet company.

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