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Presail is a software and web service for everything related to management of presales. We help VC’s and their investors get the overview they’ve been missing and make it even simpler and more secure to contribute, distribute and manage deals.

Our journey started after struggling ourselves with keeping track of everything. With over 200 presales and spreadsheets to manage as an individual investor across different incubators, thing took a toll and we wanted to solve this for ourselves and many others. Our vision is to become the leader of presale management services with security as our most important priority.

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1/3 If you were affected by the $LUNA or $UST incident and are having a hard time – we feel for you. This is one of the biggest scandals in crypto history. Please know that you have people that love you, and that you are not alone!

We are proud to announce our new partner @ScaleneNetwork

Scalene is a web3 service for creating collections of 3D NFTs. Powered by Matic & Fueled by 3D Token.

Welcome to the Presail fleet ⛵️

Audit Complete 💪

CertiK has completed an audit report for @presailcom

Check it out 👇

Announcing: Presail Distributions📣

You can now distribute tokens on Presail.

✅ Get an allocation breakdown with 1 click.
✅ Send tokens to all your investors with 1 tx.
✅ Pay 1 gas fee for your entire distribution.
✅ Distribute on Ethereum or BSC.


To my brothers and sister who are in crypto and have to deliver their tax reports this month. We stand united.

Introducing our brand new partner @Orca_Dao_DVC

OrcaDAO creates opportunities for people to invest in the same investment rounds as private venture capital firms.

We welcome you to the Presail fleet 🎊

We are proud to announce our new partner @islandcapitalv

Island Capital makes it possible for you to access private investment rounds in top-quality web3 projects.

Happy to have you aboard ⛵️

Web2 vs Web3 means:

Monarchy vs Democracy
Users vs Communities
Centralized vs Distributed
Gated vs Open
Profit vs Yield
Subjugation vs Ownership
Monopoly vs Collaboration

Choose your web🐣

Our newest update makes it a whole lot easier to raise funds in web3 with complex variables.


👥 Tiers / Groups
💧 Link, Whitelist and Tier based pools
📰 Mix rounds / split SAFT support

Read all the details:

Happpppppy Easter!🐣

Presail self-service is now LIVE 🦸‍♂️

We are opening the gates for all VCs, projects, public communities, and launchpads 🥳

Start your web 3.0 fundraising journey now on http://presail.com, and receive $250,000 in free raise credits 🤑

Say hello to our new partner @whiteowlgroup👋

White Owl Group functions as a web3 club run by a global consortium of multi-industry experts.

Welcome to the Presail fleet! ⛵️

The road to Proof of Stake 🥳

A lot of cryptocurrencies and web 3.0 applications are based on great ideas.

But the true value and potential of a web 3.0 network is determined by the belief and adoption of people.

A fun visualization of network effects ⬇️


We welcome our new partner @CryptAdyctVC

CA Capital is a community-driven VC that aims to democratize and decentralize investments in web3.

Happy to have you aboard! 👋

We are excited to announce our new partnership with @DragonsharkVC

Dragonshark Capital is a community-driven investment group striving to make Venture Capital investing in web 3.0 more accessible.

Welcome to the Presail fleet! ⛵

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Where is Presail headquarters?

Presail headquarters is located at Oslo.

When was Presail founded?

Presail was founded in 2021.

How many employees does Presail have?

Presail has 1-19 employees.

What is Presail's core business?

Presail is Internet company.

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