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With Prezi, we help you to deliver unmatched, immersive experiences over video for better meetings, deeper collaboration, and enhanced productivity.

Our flagship product, Prezi Video, brings your visuals on screen next to you while you present (unlike screen sharing, which hides you behind your slides).

Now that we’re all connecting remotely, Prezi Video is exactly what people need for more meaningful interactions with their audience.

Prezi Video works seamlessly with conferencing tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex, and is perfect for sales pitches, business meetings, training sessions, online classes, and more.

Designer templates and a massive image library for any topic make it easy to get started. Or, use the content you create using Prezi Present and Prezi Design, as well as your existing PowerPoint slides.

Videos can be streamed live or recorded to share asynchronously.

Founded in 2009, and with offices in San Francisco, Budapest, Riga, and Berlin, Prezi now fosters a community of over 100 million users around the world. Our investors include Accel Partners, Spectrum Equity, and TED conferences.

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Continuing our Prezi March Madness bracket to find out what our users’ favorite feature is, we are now down to our #eliteeight!

✅Submit your votes by Thursday, March 28th for our next round: https://prez.is/marchmadness/

#prezimarchmadness #prezifeatures #marchmadness2023

Join Prezi’s March Madness to help us determine YOUR favorite feature. 🏆

Reminder to submit your votes by tomorrow, March 26th!

✅ Cast your votes here: https://prez.is/marchmadness/

#prezimarchmadness #topfeature #prezifeatures #marchmadness2023

Say hi to Marta, from our Sales team in Riga!

As Prezi is a virtual-first company, Marta has shifted her work routine.

🧵Read more in the thread:

#remotework #workfromhome #remoteoffice #remotelife #humansofprezi #prezivideo #prezi

[email protected] founded @lctelearning, a DEI educational consulting firm, and she's using Prezi to create programs for new teachers who want long-term guidance and mentorship.

Learn more: https://prez.is/0b70qf0/

#preziuserstory #prezivideo #presentations #customersuccess #dei

Introducing: Prezi’s March Madness 🏀

For the first time, we’ve created a bracket for you to help us determine the BEST Prezi feature 🏆

✅ For the Sweet 16 round, submit your votes by Sunday, March 26th.

Vote here: https://prez.is/marchmadness/

#prezimarchmadness #prezifeatures

What do “Three Men and a Baby”, “Good Morning, Vietnam”, and PowerPoint have in common?
They came out in 1987. Which begs the question, "Why are we still using old tech?"

Bestselling author @davidnihill explains why he turned to Prezi: https://prez.is/lg7t5gp/


Prezi has reached, and even surpassed, newscaster-level quality. 📹

@davidmeltzer, host of The Playbook Podcast, said this on his latest episode where he invited our CEO @jszafranski as his guest.

Listen to the episode here: https://prez.is/335iket/

#prezivideo #prezisuccess

We are excited to share that Prezi Video is the leader in keeping attention on video meetings 🏆

This year:
🚀 We've surpassed 140M+ users
🚀 Prezi Video for Zoom was included on @Zoom's Curated Essential Apps AND is one of the top apps on Zoom App Marketplace for January

For the first official offsite of 2023, Prezilians gathered in Budapest to connect, recharge, and get inspired.

We used this week to focus on what matters most — all of YOU. Our users are what drives us to make Prezi an even more effective presentation tool.


Meet Ben, a Product Manager based in Edinburgh 🏰 Scotland. He tells us about his experience working remotely at Prezi.

Learn about his journey in the thread 🧵

🥧 This Pi Day, learn how to create pie charts in #PreziDesign!

#data #dataviz #piDay2023

It's easy to make a presentation. It's harder to make a compelling one.

Davide Luzzati, founder of presentation consultancy Luzz Presents, was so excited when he discovered Prezi.

Learn his story: https://prez.is/kvtvf7r/

#userstory #prezivideo #presentations #customersuccess

When he discovered Prezi Video, @drewtarvin, a bestselling author and speaker, said, “Holy schwow, this is the easiest, quickest way to do picture in picture, and it’s smooth, so I’ve been using it for all of my virtual presentations ever since.”

📗 more: https://prez.is/ltwch1q/

If you want to leave a valuable impact on your audience, you want to offer your viewers a dynamic storytelling experience in the form of a presentation.

Learn the 3 essential presentation elements: https://prez.is/yy27ku3/

#prezipresent #presentationelements #presentationtips

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Where is Prezi headquarters?

Prezi headquarters is located at San Francisco, California.

When was Prezi founded?

Prezi was founded in 2009.

How many employees does Prezi have?

Prezi has 50+ employees.

What is Prezi's core business?

Prezi is Internet company.

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