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Founded in 1907, Protective Life Corporation (Protective) is on a mission to help more people achieve protection and security in their lives. Across its life insurance, annuity solutions and asset protection divisions, the Company helps more than 12 million people protect what matters most. Protective’s more than 3,600 employees put people first and deliver on the Company’s promises to customers, partners, colleagues and communities — because we’re all protectors. With a long-term focus, financial stability and commitment to doing the right thing, Protective, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc. (TSE:8750), has grown to over $127B in assets as of Dec. 31, 2020. Protective is headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., and supported by its robust virtual workforce and core sites in Cincinnati and St. Louis. For more information about Protective, please visit www.protective.com.

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Check out the great community work going on around @ProtectiveStdm and how other cities across the country can learn from this project. Details via @now_bham. http://bit.ly/3xdUrUL
@cityofbhamal @ProtectiveLife

Our holidays were brighter because our friends from @ProtectiveLife spent a few days serving in our LINCPoint Adult Program. We love our Protectors! #WhereGiftsGrow #InclusionMatters

. @ProtectiveLife shows an unwavering commitment to help their team and our
communities thrive. Read about their programs and impact: https://www.protective.com/about-us/corporate-sustainability

Trick or Treat in the Suites of @ProtectiveStdm was a real treat. 🍬 Children from local organizations and the five neighborhoods surrounding the stadium enjoyed playing games, collecting candy and showing off their Halloween costumes. Thanks to all who participated!

We're honored to recognize the contributions and achievements of Native Americans. Join us in celebrating this month by ...
🎓 Attending or hosting an educational event
📚 Reading the work of Native American authors
🛍 Supporting Native American-owned businesses and organizations

As protectors we aspire for better, which is why we continue advancing our sustainability efforts. Learn more about how we protected where we live, work and play in our 2021 Sustainability Report: https://bit.ly/33zmzGu

Help protect what matters most this Halloween. 🎃 Review these safety tips with your loved ones before the festivities begin: http://ow.ly/73mW50KMAzG

Protective internship applications are open! Join our team of protectors May-August 2023 to participate in …
🤝 Networking events
📊 Industry education
🧠 Leadership roundtables
💜 Meaningful work

Learn more and apply: http://ow.ly/UHST50LheQT

Work might have stopped, but bills, groceries and other expenses keep coming. Cutting costs may be the 🔑 to enjoying a frugal retirement.

Is your retirement plan headed in the right direction? Here are five simple ways you can get back on track — no GPS required. Learn more: http://ow.ly/F0o950Li9gx


Achieving an early retirement isn’t as simple as waving a magic wand. 🪄 It starts with developing a realistic plan.

Now more than ever, people understand that planning is important when it comes to retirement. In this piece via @ThinkAdvisor, Protective’s Jim Wagner shares how he sees the annuity market’s future. http://ow.ly/sgKl50L2oW9

Don't let unanswered questions keep you from protecting your loved ones. #HelpProtectOurFamilies

A comfortable retirement can await those that set — and stick to! — smart, realistic goals.

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Where is Protective Life headquarters?

Protective Life headquarters is located at Birmingham, Alabama.

When was Protective Life founded?

Protective Life was founded in 1907.

How many employees does Protective Life have?

Protective Life has 50+ employees.

What is Protective Life's core business?

Protective Life is Insurance company.

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