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Help us rethink software development

We’re building tools for companies to develop better software faster.

Despite software’s massive impact on our lives, software development hasn’t fundamentally changed in the past two decades. At Retool, we’re thinking about what comes after programming languages: Coding from scratch isn’t something most companies should be doing in 15 years.

We’re starting with internal tools but our ambitions are much larger. You’ll be joining a small team at the start of a decades-long journey to change the way software is built.

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We’re launching Usage Analytics for Enterprise admins.

Now you have:
👀 One place to monitor all app and user adoption
📊 Better insights to effectively manage your team and apps

Learn more 👉 http://retool.com/blog/deeper-visibility-into-how-your-org-uses-retool

Introducing Retool Database—now available for all! We’re giving you the power of a PostgreSQL database + the speed of a spreadsheet right inside Retool:

📥Import CSVs + ingest data from APIs
🛠️Edit with the ease of a spreadsheet
⚡Get connection strings + 5GB of storage for free

That’s a wrap on Retool’s first Developer Day event! It was a packed hour, so here’s a quick look at everything we covered:

1/ 🎉 Retool Database, now available for all

Get a free Postgres DB with the speed + convenience of a spreadsheet. Directly in Retool, no setup required.

You asked, we listened! Introducing Python support in Retool––starting with automation in Retool Workflows 📣

ICYMI: @jlengstorf and @kevinwhinnery built a native mobile app in Retool in about an hour, live on stream. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKtbu0drWos

The Retool Mobile team has been shipping 🛳! Here are 10 things you asked for to make Retool Mobile apps more robust 🧵:

💡Want to learn how to use @census + @retool to quickly and easily pull data into your internal tools? Check out this helpful guide from our friends at Census: https://retool.com/blog/retool-census-data-on-demand-app/

Excited to show off what I originally created as a ~4 hour side project at Retool:

🧠 The Smart Block

Now offering free GPT4 access + the ability to easily combine your data and AI


How Visual Basic became the world's most dominant programming environment, its sudden fall from grace, and why its influence is still shaping the future of software development. Read our deepdive 👉 http://retool.com/visual-basic

Meet Smart Block—a free and easy way for developers to use the GPT-4 API today alongside the databases and APIs connected to @retool

⚡Build visual workflows to automate business tasks and notifications
🤖Write instructions for GPT in natural language
🚀Free during beta

While developing Retool Mobile, our team had to solve several performance challenges with React Native. This led to some unexpected learnings that we shared on our blog:

Link in🧵

Customer-facing teams, like support and operations, increasingly need more access to sensitive customer data to do their job.

Our latest guide will show you how to safely build apps that allow teams to self-serve their data needs to work more efficiently.

Link in thread 👇

📣 Just a few of the things we’ll cover at the first-ever Retool Developer Day: dozens of improvements to our app editor's developer ergonomics, to GPT-powered features, to brand new built-in databases. Save your spot now 👇

Reminder: this is tomorrow!🗓️📲

Hear from @PuriSid on the latest episode of @StartupSuccess6 on why we took a big bet on startups, expanded to supporting Indian developers very early on, and many more stories of experimenting to growth and scale 👇

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Where is Retool headquarters?

Retool headquarters is located at San Francisco, California.

When was Retool founded?

Retool was founded in 2017.

How many employees does Retool have?

Retool has 50+ employees.

What is Retool's core business?

Retool is Information Technology & Services company.

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