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We are an online education platform transforming the state of higher education in Indonesia. We equip ambitious individuals with the skills that the technology industry needs.

While allowing every person to achieve their maximum professional capability, we are dedicated to building a world where talent and companies are matched in the most efficient and meritocratic way.

Our education, job search, and recruitment approach have helped our students and companies to grow together to fulfill each other’s potential.

We take the growth of our employees on the same level as our students. We promise to make every one of our employees perform at their maximum potential so that they can do the very best work of their lives here.

Our culture fosters employee appreciation, transparency and radical – caring feedback, and good management, to support each individual’s growth.

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🎉 Congrats to @ProductFaculty, @ProductGym, @_producthall, @revoudotco, and @udacity who made it on our list of the 12 Best Product Management Bootcamps of 2023! https://bit.ly/Best-Product-Management-Bootcamps

Masih mahasiswa, belum lulus RevoU juga eh ternyata udah dapet kerja di Perusahaan Singapore!

Kerjanya remote pula 😁 KOK BISA SIHH?!!

Simak thread Cerita Wilson ini yaa 🧵

"Enak ya punya privilge, pantes idupnya mulus banget ternyata ada uang mami papi"

Siapa yang mikir kayak gitu pas ngelihat pencapaiaan orang lain? 👀

Hasil penelitian dari RevoU menunjukkan ada 10 jurusan kuliah yang peminatnya naik selama pandemi Covid-19. http://dlvr.it/Skg1S4

program revou tu kadang emang bikin cape, tapi yg selalu nguatin gw tiap harinya yaa revou itu sendiri

revou yg selalu nguatin dan bikin gw yakin sm pilihan & komitmen gw. kek tiap harinya tu pasti adaa aja yg bikin semangat

soo, semangat yuk. karena sukses tu mahal harganya.

Menyapa kalian yang buka Twitter buat ngecek Instagram down apa enggak 👋😅

🤔 Buat temen2 yang bener2 pengen belajar, tapi sekarang ada kendala budget...

👉 Tim RevoU compile ini buat kamu: "Free Learning Universe" - 100% GRATIS buat kamu!

🚀 Langsung cek kompilasinya di sini ya! https://journal.revou.co/revou-free-learning-universe/


Beberapa template email follow up utk berbagai tahap lamaran kerja!

>> Sebuah Thread <<

Selamat datang kesibukan 3-4 bulan ke depan bersama RevoU NEXT @revoudotco 😂

📝7 Kriteria Postingan Social Media yang Josss

1 - Simple. Enak dibaca, ga berbelit
2 - Helpful. Yang baca dapet faedahnya
3 - Funny. Ga lempeng, ada jenaka2nya
4 - Unexpected. Ga ngikut rang orang
5 - Relatable. Yg baca be like "Ih ini gw banget"
6 - Riding the trend
7 - 0

Buka-bukaan Gaji Tahunan Alumni kelas Data Analytics dan Digital Marketing RevoU ✨

Tertarik gak buat ngikutin jejak mereka? 🚀

#dataanalyst #digitalmarketing

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Where is RevoU headquarters?

RevoU headquarters is located at Jakarta.

When was RevoU founded?

RevoU was founded in 2019.

How many employees does RevoU have?

RevoU has 50+ employees.

What is RevoU's core business?

RevoU is Higher Education company.

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