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Semaphore is the fastest continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) platform on the market, powering the world’s best engineering teams. For every $1 invested in Semaphore, engineers gain $41 in reclaimed productivity. Who said money can’t buy you time?

For career opportunities visit us at https://semaphoreci.com/about/careers

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  • Lana T. 2 Feb 2022 at 11:35 Reply
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Micro frontends is one of several architectural approaches that help developers to break down large web applications into smaller, independent parts.

Post by @GuyNesher


This practical guide provides hybrid DevOps teams with strategies to encourage effective collaboration and improve creativity and productivity.

Post by @dialpad


Do you know a JavaScript monorepo with Nx can revolutionize your development workflow and improve code quality? Check out my latest blog to find out how.

Learn about Nx with a practical example of building a JavaScript Monorepo. 

👉 Tutorial by @fuzzysid_99


In a team made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds, there is a wider range of ideas and approaches to solving problems, leading to more creative and innovative solutions.
Presenting my latest blog on handling D…https://lnkd.in/dcTy5V3B https://lnkd.in/dwZXGDNp

In a team made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds, there is a wider range of ideas and approaches to solving problems, leading to more creative and innovative solutions. 

Post by @vipin_QA


Learn what an error handling layer is, understand why your React app should have one, and see two approaches to building an error handling layer in React.

Post by @antozanini95


In this episode of Semaphore Uncut, we welcome @fchabanois, Head of Engineering at @Scaleway.

Florence shares her insights on team management, onboarding new members, accommodating microcultures, and more. 

🎧 Listen now: https://bit.ly/404CPau

The fundamentals of designing circuit breakers are summarized in Google’s four golden signals for monitoring distributed systems.

Listen to our full conversation with @bdewater

If you need a microservices architecture—that's a BIG "if"—then you'll find best practices from the @semaphoreci team useful.


✍️ We had a great time at our Technical Writing Meetup yesterday. Huge thanks to all the writers that attended the event. 🙌

Our next Technical Writing Meetup will take place in May. Stay tuned!

Discover the basic microservices best practices that you should consider if you want to achieve an efficient microservices ecosystem devoid of extreme architectural complexities.

Post by @vikashv2v


I'm giving a talk about technical write tomorrow. It's free, so if you're interested, sign up! See you soon ✍️ https://twitter.com/semaphoreci/status/1635627070934925313

Any frontend application will need to manage its own state in order to display data for the user. 

Learn what Context API is and how to use it in React.

Post by Bianca Dragomir


Ever wondered how to use the full power of elixir to write data pipelines? Check out my contribution to SemaphoreCI's blog here https://semaphoreci.com/blog/data-pipelines-elixir to learn more.

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Where is Semaphore headquarters?

Semaphore headquarters is located at Novi Sad, Vojvodina.

When was Semaphore founded?

Semaphore was founded in 2009.

How many employees does Semaphore have?

Semaphore has 30-39 employees.

What is Semaphore's core business?

Semaphore is Computer Software company.

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