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Marketing technology has never fully integrated the three most important parts of customer relationship management: listening, thinking, and speaking. This changes with Simon Data, the Smart Hub purpose-built to seamlessly blend the science of understanding your customers with the act of connecting to them.

A 2020 Gartner Cool Vendor in Multichannel Marketing, Simon works with leading brands like Equinox, Venmo, ASOS, and Tripadvisor to improve customer experiences and all of the growth metrics that follow.

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👋Coming to @shoptalk? Stop by booth #456 to learn how our Zero-ETL™ #CDP enables marketers to finally access the data they need to drive epic customer experiences. See you there! #shoptalk2023 #shoptalk

Today, crypto is no longer about the technology behind it. 🙅‍♂️

Instead, it’s ALL about the experience it can offer consumers. 🤌

Learn more about this in today’s episode of Data Unlocked.👇

🎧 Click here for more: https://hubs.la/Q01G3tpz0

#crypto #NFTs #marketing #data

In this week’s Data Unlocked, @mayurgupta77 of @krakenfx and Jason discuss the challenges with ✨crypto and marketing✨, Mayur’s role as a CMO of a fast-growing crypto business, financial education, and more.

This way to listen. 👇

🎧 Tune in here: https://hubs.la/Q01G3sl80

What are the problems and opportunities of #crypto today? 🤔​

In this week’s episode of Data Unlocked 🎙️, Jason Davis sits down with @mayurgupta77, CMO of @krakenfx, to answer this question and more.

🎧 Listen to the full episode here: https://hubs.la/Q01G3q2h0

The main difference between clean rooms and Google Analytics? 🤔
Clean Rooms give you a much broader view of the customer data you collect, which can help sharpen your marketing strategy and make it more efficient for you and your customers. 💪
🎧 Listen: https://hubs.la/Q01DsN0j0

In this week’s Data Unlocked, @fettersac of @transparent2015 and Jason discuss Clean Rooms, how they are affecting the industry, and more.

This way to listen. 👇

🎧 Tune in here: https://hubs.la/Q01DsNY40

#cleanrooms #datamarketing #marketing #data #podcast

How are Clean Rooms changing the data marketing world? 🤔​

In this week’s episode of Data Unlocked 🎙️, Jason Davis sits down with @fettersac, CEO and Managing Partner at @transparent2015, to answer this question and more.

🎧 Listen here: https://hubs.la/Q01DsNbj0

🗓 here are some of the best opportunities to text subscribers this month

explore content ideas & tips for each holiday on our blog 💬

“There’s only two ways to make revenue: more customers or more valuable customers. Integrating first and zero-party data on your customer list is the most reliable way to maximize the value of each customer, purchase, and cohort,” says Ben Dutter of @pwrdigmarketing 💥


Icing on the cake at @eTailNews yesterday was our session w/ @SnowflakeDB and @UNTUCKit where we chatted about how to acquire customers using, you guessed it ✨ DATA ✨

A few stand-out quotes from the session are below!

#etailpalmsprings #etailwest #data

"The store shopper is different from the online shopper...they wanted inventory...and then we had two kinds of customer: the transactional and the experiential. They like that physical, personal connection." - Aaron Sanandres, #CEO, @UNTUCKit #eTailPalmSprings #etailwest

Dude... let us show you how we ollie over the others at @eTailNews West 🛹. Our team is officially in Palm Springs & looks forward to seeing you soon!

Stop by booth 711 for some data talk on deck, seriously superior swag, and our cool (and friendly) Simon crew. #eTailWest2023

What #marketing methods do you use to mitigate customer churn? Get some expert advice from our friends at @simon_data on how to predict and reduce customer churn.

Image for twitter card

Customer Churn: How to Measure and Minimize It

Customer churn is the rate at which customers discontinue their use of a company‘s product or service. It is...


Attending eTail West? Don't miss our panel on Tuesday focused on laying a strong customer acquisition framework 💪

We will be chatting about the value of personalized content, how to (actually) listen to customer feedback & act on it... and SO much more!

@eTailNews @SnowflakeDB

In this week’s Data Unlocked, @mathandporsches of @bark and Jason discuss ✨machine learning✨and how it’s helping @bark learn more about their customers.

This way to listen. 👇

🎧 Tune in here: https://hubs.la/Q01CBdL-0

#machinelearning #AI #marketing #data #podcast

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Where is Simon Data headquarters?

Simon Data headquarters is located at New York.

When was Simon Data founded?

Simon Data was founded in 2014.

How many employees does Simon Data have?

Simon Data has 50+ employees.

What is Simon Data's core business?

Simon Data is Computer Software company.

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