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thoughtbot is known worldwide as a leading design, development, and product management consultancy providing end-to-end services along the complete product development life cycle. thoughtbot validates, builds, scales, maintains, and supports web and mobile products. We are one of the leading design and development companies on a global scale. We use an agile, human-centered strategy for digital products in every stage from upfront research, through design and development, so you have one partner for your business each step of the way. Since 2003, we have worked to produce higher-quality products while improving team processes and have done so successfully for over 1,000 clients.

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Do you LinkedIN? We've been doing LinkedIN livestream updates with the first entrepreneur going through the thoughtbot Startup Incubator.

Come hang out, ask questions, and hear about this early stage founder's pre-product journey with thoughtbot.

Learn what happened during the first week of the thoughtbot Startup Incubator with Senga - from programming to feedback and insights from the founder herself.

Check out the blog post recap https://thoughtbot.com/blog/week-1-of-thoughtbot-startup-incubator-senga

#startup #founders

Check out the new @GiantRobots, where host @will23larry chats with @klinskyc. @GetHealthie lets companies get to market faster, scale with fewer headaches and provides effective #patientcare much cheaper than if they tried to build everything themselves. https://www.giantrobots.fm/467

Our user-first, design-led approach to generating qualitative and quantitative research is the foundation of all our work.

We outlined our tips for navigating common use cases in this free playbook: https://buff.ly/41wqdtY

If we want clients to create small controllers and use resources in their routes, it’s a good idea to know why. This is a refresher of Derek Prior’s advice from Railsconf 2017.

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In relentless pursuit of some parts of REST

If we want clients to create small controllers and use resources in their routes, it’s a good idea to know...


Check out the new episode of @GiantRobots with our host @victori_ousg, along with our special co-host @skybondsor, talking to Clinical Psychologist and Founder of the Finding Center app, Dr. Stephanie Smith, about #intuitiveeating and #healthtech ❤️🍎 https://www.giantrobots.fm/466

You believe in agile, but face tensions between moving quickly and the constraints of product development in the health tech industry.

This workshop dives into our best practices: https://thoughtbot.com/events/how-to-stay-agile-when-building-compliant-health-tech-products

Learn about the entrepreneur who was selected to participate in the thoughtbot startup incubator. https://thoughtbot.com/blog/introducing-the-first-entrepreneur-to-go-through-the-thoughtbot-incubator

Testing anti-patterns I learned to stay away from over the years. https://thoughtbot.com/blog/a-journey-towards-better-testing-practices

In an effort to share our learnings, and help more people build great products, we are here to connect with you via standing office hours.

Office hours are free, remote drop-in sessions. Book here: https://thoughtbot.com/office-hours

Looking to reduce your social media time this year and increase happiness? Here’s how!. https://thoughtbot.com/blog/a-practical-guide-to-reducing-your-social-media-time-in-2023

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Where is thoughtbot headquarters?

thoughtbot headquarters is located at New York, NY.

When was thoughtbot founded?

thoughtbot was founded in 2003.

How many employees does thoughtbot have?

thoughtbot has 50+ employees.

What is thoughtbot's core business?

thoughtbot is Computer Software company.

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