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At Thumbtack, we help people care for their home from top to bottom, whether it’s a minor repair or a major remodel. Through the Thumbtack app, homeowners can effortlessly manage their homes — confidently knowing what to do, when to do it and who to hire. We don’t just connect customers to the right pros for their projects. We empower millions of homeowners to fix, maintain and improve their most valuable asset.

Bringing the $500 billion home services industry online, Thumbtack is a technology leader building the modern home management platform. As for those of us who work here? We love it — and we have awards to prove it.

To learn more about life at Thumbtack and see current job openings, visit www.thumbtack.com/careers.

Thumbtack is backed by Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global Management, Javelin Venture Partners, Baillie Gifford, and CapitalG, among others.

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We’re here to take the guesswork and procrastination out of spring cleaning and help you care for your home from top to bottom. Even better, new Thumbtack users get $50 off their first spring cleaning project. Start your home refresh now: http://spr.ly/6016OBlhi.

34% of Americans would rather run on a treadmill for an hour than spring clean and 28% would rather spend time waiting in line at the DMV. So, take your pick: treadmill 🏃🏻‍♂️, DMV 🚗 or organizing the junk drawer ✂️.

You can't hold a controller and do the dishes at the same time. In collaboration with @Diablo, we're ready to take those household tasks off your hands.

The #DiabloIV Open Beta is coming.

We're giving away over $20k in @Thumbtack services to take care of your Earthly duties while you descend into Hell.

➡️ Comment your dreaded to-do list with #Diablo4theWeekend for a chance to win.


How clean are your neighbors' houses? We know Austinites' homes are ✨sparkling✨ — since they came in at number one on our Top Spring Cleaning Cities in the U.S. report. Did your city make the top 10? Check out all the findings here: http://spr.ly/60173C8qR.

CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT! We all have unfinished home projects — and we want to see yours. Head to our Instagram for details on how to enter our Unfinished Contest, which could win you a $500 Visa gift card to help you get those projects done (terms apply). http://spr.ly/601237rGm

16% of Americans say they’ll spend more than 20 hours on spring cleaning. If you want an easier way to check-off your to-do list, tap here: https://thumbtack.app.link/e/SMTWSpringCleaningBlog.

According to a recent Thumbtack survey, 82% of Americans say their house needs a spring cleaning. *Psst* You other 18%, what’s your secret? While we await an answer, check out the scoop on all things spring cleaning. 🧹 http://spr.ly/60173fzRN

It’s #WomensEqualPayDay. At #Thumbtack, we’re committed to pay equity for all because everyone deserves fair compensation for their work.

The IADC is excited to welcome Melanie D. Margolin, IADC member and Chief Legal Officer of @thumbtack , as the keynote speaker at the 2023 IADC Leadership Forum. #iadcmeetings

Learn more: https://www.iadclaw.org/events/2023-iadc-leadership-forum/

🧼🧹 House cleaning: I put it in my budget twice a month to have someone throughly clean my home. I found my Housecleaner for a great price on @thumbtack

Are you a clean-as-you-cook person or an I’ll-deal-with-it-afterward person? Or are you calling in Thumbtack to scrub? Let us know. 👇 #FixItFriday

#Thumbtack #CareForYourHome #ThumbtackProject #HomeMaintenance #HomeProject

We love celebrating the contributions of women everywhere — especially the women-owned businesses on Thumbtack. Kim McCallister, owner of Sooner Calligraphy and Thumbtack pro with Platinum status shares where their passion started and how Thumbtack supports their business. #WHM

Here’s some news to get tails wagging. We’re excited to partner with @HEB to deliver the care your pets deserve, from pet grooming to dog walking and more. Fetch more info here: https://thumbtack.app.link/e/HEBLaunchTW

#EmbraceEquity is the theme of #InternationalWomensDay, which is celebrated globally to advocate for change and equality for all women. At Thumbtack, we’re proud to have so many talented women that contribute their ideas, expertise and #diversity to our company.

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Where is Thumbtack headquarters?

Thumbtack headquarters is located at San Francisco, CA.

When was Thumbtack founded?

Thumbtack was founded in 2008.

How many employees does Thumbtack have?

Thumbtack has 50+ employees.

What is Thumbtack's core business?

Thumbtack is Internet company.

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