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TrueAccord is the leader in digital collections. By focusing on great user experiences, TrueAccord provides businesses with superior debt collection results. Our machine learning platform adapts to consumer behavior with personalized and empathetic communications to deliver the right payment option at the right time and channel. We work with top financial institutions, enterprise companies and upcoming businesses to recover billions in lost revenue.

Our Story

In 2013, our CEO was hounded by collectors for a small amount on a store credit card that he forgot to pay. Several calls from unknown numbers and one unpleasant conversation later, Ohad Samet was determined to reimagine the debt collection process. It was inherently wrong: the focus on just phone calls, the tacked-on “convenience” fees, the authoritative voice on the other side of the line, and most of all, the lack of empathy for the consumer.

Debt collection is a financial service, and it needs to cater to consumers. We created TrueAccord to change the mindset around collections into that of recovery and reconciliation.

Fast forward to today, and TrueAccord has worked with more than 13 million consumers of major banks, issuers, eCommerce companies and direct lenders. Hundreds of thousands have resolved their debts with convenient payment plans, customized billing schedules, and easy documentation.

We are transforming the debt collection industry and helping consumers reach financial health. If you are owed money, owe money to anyone, or work in collections and want to be inspired—come join the revolution.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reinvent debt collection. By delivering a great user experience, we empower consumers to regain control of their financial future. TrueAccord makes debt collection empathetic and customer-focused. Being in debt is stressful, and the current debt collection process doesn’t help. A collection process that focuses on formal-sounding language, letters, and phone calls is stressful and confusing. It doesn’t have to be that way.

We meet people at some of the most difficult times in their lives, and we offer our customers a different story about debt—one that doesn’t rely on shame and guilt to collect. With customer care as our motivation, we leverage technology to serve people in a way that fits their lifestyle, through their channel of choice, tailored payment arrangements and an easy-to-use online portal.

Together, we can transform debt collection into a pathway toward financial health.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are a mission-driven team that values collaboration, transparency, accountability, and a drive for results. We believe that the best work environments are filled with people with different backgrounds, ideas, and beliefs. We support this value by maintaining a diverse workforce, promoting individuality, and ensuring an inclusive work environment. At TrueAccord, we are proud to share that our team consists of an almost equal gender divide and a 60% multicultural population. We are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in our workspace.

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Of consumers with a debt in collection at TrueAccord, student loan holders have an average of 92% more debt than consumers without student loans. Read our data report for more: http://bit.ly/42vJagK

Simply put, a thoughtful consumer-centric approach results in stronger relationships, better payment results, and a positive experience for all. #TrueComplimentTuesday

27M consumers have #studentloans in deferment or forbearance and resuming student loan payments this year may be difficult. Our latest #data report explores impacts on consumer finances and how to engage distressed borrowers in #debtcollection. https://bit.ly/3Tn9YM1

Not weird at all! In fact, we hear this a lot. Customers appreciate our tailored, digital approach that improves engagement while driving better repayment results for clients. #TrueComplimentTuesday

Utility #debt has doubled from pre-pandemic levels, but companies don't need to double their headcount to collect more. Discover how a digital-first approach is an effective, efficient and empathetic way to recover more: http://bit.ly/3LbfjUY

Managing payments online makes it easy for customers to stay on top of their accounts and our simple, intuitive online portal can be used by anyone from anywhere at any time. #TrueComplimentTuesday

Our guest is Laura Marino, CPO at TrueML, who takes us through her inspiring career in product, empowering consumers to make key decisions on their debts, and more.👇


#podcast #productleader #fintech #financialtech #productledgrowth

Whether using our self-service portal or speaking with our exceptional support team, we aim to make the customer experience in #debtcollection as smooth as possible so consumers can resolve their accounts on their own terms. #TrueComplimentTuesday

State #privacy laws require debt collectors and financial service companies to rethink how they collect, share and use consumer #data. Join our legal experts on 2/28 for a webinar discussing federal privacy laws and #compliance issues. RSVP: http://bit.ly/3m0xTED

Life happens, we get it. Unexpected events can be overwhelming, and managing debt can be stressful, so we offer consumers custom, flexible payment plans to help them get back on track. #TrueComplimentTuesday

We’re really feeling the love 🥰 and there’s no better day to say it... we ❤️our customers! Happy Valentine’s Day 💞 #TrueComplimentTuesday

Finances can be a sensitive subject, especially for those in #debtcollection. Giving consumers agency to engage when and how they prefer can make an uncomfortable situation easier to manage and create a positive #customerexperience. #TrueComplimentTuesday

Consumer behavior is evolving and it’s critical to meet consumers where they are to engage in debt collection. Read our latest blog to learn how the resolution funnel can effectively lead customers through the repayment process: http://bit.ly/40OxHbF

The economic landscape may seem littered with recovery roadblocks, but that doesn't mean there are inevitable losses down the road in 2023. Learn how to turn #debtcollection challenges into opportunities in our new blog: http://bit.ly/3JyhLEa http://bit.ly/3RqhuVN

Simple, clear and easier are our goals for #debtcollection. Streamlining the repayment process with a user-friendly self-service portal is just one of the ways we do it. #TrueComplimentTuesday

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Where is TrueAccord headquarters?

TrueAccord headquarters is located at 130, Kansas.

When was TrueAccord founded?

TrueAccord was founded in 2013.

How many employees does TrueAccord have?

TrueAccord has 50+ employees.

What is TrueAccord's core business?

TrueAccord is Financial Services company.

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