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Upwork is the world’s work marketplace, connecting millions of businesses with independent talent around the globe.

We serve everyone from one-person startups to 30% of the Fortune 100 with a powerful, trust-driven platform that enables companies and freelancers to work together in new ways that unlock their potential.

With freedom and control, our customers unlock a world of potential given the tools and experience that develop skills and address business challenges. The impact is both economic and personal. Because when you find the right people, you stop working to get by and start working strategically.

Our talent community earned over $2.3 billion on Upwork in 2020 across more than 10,000 skills, including website & app development, creative & design, customer support, finance & accounting, consulting, and operations. If you share our passion for doing great work that you love, you’ll be right at home at Upwork. We invite you to explore what’s possible in our work marketplace.

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[email protected] featured @Upwork’s own Arya Taylor to discuss her career as a #ProductManager and the many opportunities at Upwork for PMs! And we don’t just hire in SF–Upwork is a #RemoteFirst company and hires around the globe.

Check out the article. ⬇️ https://www.builtinsf.com/2022/04/19/growth-opportunities-product-managers-sf

You need to take your downtime seriously in order to operate more effectively at work and achieve long-term success, according to leading #productivity expert @DonnaMcGeorge. She shares her simple rules to better manage your time⌚via @TheCEOMagazineG. https://buff.ly/3gs3zMX

Why do so many projects fail? The fault could lie in:
👉Senior leaders
👉Organizational structure
👉Project management
Learn more and prevent project failure at your organization.

3 things freelancers should remember:

👉 every high earning freelancer started with 0 jobs and $0 earned

👉 stop comparing yourself to freelancers doing better than you

👉 an insane amount of jobs are posted on @upwork every day...be patient and keep looking

With fewer face-to-face interactions during a normal workday in a #RemoteTeam, finding ways to create a more cohesive team is essential. Here are some #TeamBuilding activity ideas.⤵️ https://buff.ly/3yNe3Rw

Several industry leaders are already redesigning their workforce to be skills focused. Learn more about the critical role freelancers play in this #GrandRedesign: https://buff.ly/3wpNhMb #SkilIUp

Check out our brand new whitepaper:✨The Grand Redesign✨

Learn how companies must adapt the world of work to thrive in a profoundly changed world. Includes examples from real-world businesses. Download for free.⤵️ https://buff.ly/3L3J9He

The need to constantly "do" can turn toxic and is often unproductive. @PalenaNeale @PsychToday explains why doing less is often more efficient—and healthy. https://buff.ly/3qSBTXB

Clients are increasingly looking for freelancers who showcase both hard and soft skills in tandem, combining job-specific knowledge with interpersonal competencies.✅Learn the difference between hard and #SoftSkills.👇

Best #productivity tools for freelancers:
🚀Project Catalog from @Upwork
➕more. https://buff.ly/3sym3SB

Join the Upwork social media team on Twitter this Thursday, May 26th for a lively discussion on interviewing tips at the #UpworkChat. We hope to see you there!

Is it time to bring that idea to life?

The issues with "Making Payment" and "Getting Paid" have been resolved. Thanks for your patience.

Our apologies, you may be experiencing issues with Making Payment" or "Getting Paid" at the moment. Our team is working on a fix and will be updating https://status.upwork.com/ with the latest status.

#TeamBuilding activities help build chemistry and trust within your team. Here are some ideas for remote, hybrid, and in-office teams to help you create good team relationships.👇 https://buff.ly/3yNe3Rw

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Where is Upwork headquarters?

Upwork headquarters is located at San Francisco, California.

When was Upwork founded?

Upwork was founded in 2015.

How many employees does Upwork have?

Upwork has 50+ employees.

What is Upwork's core business?

Upwork is Internet company.

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