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Varsity Tutors, a Nerdy Company, is the leading curated platform for live online learning benefiting both learners and experts. We have built a comprehensive online learning destination that enables the delivery of scaled high-quality live expertise for learners of all ages across thousands of subjects and multiple learning formats through the application of technology and AI. Nerdy, the parent company of Varsity Tutors, completed a business combination with TPG Pace Tech Opportunities in September 2021 and became a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “NRDY” with a $1.7 billion market valuation. Read more about Nerdy here: https://www.nerdy.com/

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Join @WOWaquarium on March 30th for a virtual visit of wetlands, rivers, and lakes to investigate where they come from, who lives there, and how we can protect them. https://bit.ly/40ax3V

Join @OmahaCM on 3/29 for a scientific bubble lesson that's sure to pack some "pop." Register today! https://bit.ly/3FKULit

Working in entertainment is a dream job, so what does it take to get there? Find out from Christine Boothby, a Director of Rights + Partnerships at United Entertainment Group and veteran of jobs with CBS, 20th Century Fox, and Opry Entertainment Group. https://bit.ly/3YxYaYr

Join the World Center for Birds of Prey on March 14th to meet some amazing birds and learn how to study and save them. https://bit.ly/3J17zlv

Join @justinwillman on 3/13 as he shares what it takes to break into TV, what daily life is like for the people who do (and for those still trying to make it), and how Hollywood careers compare to our lofty expectations. https://bit.ly/3T2kR5W

While you may grow up afraid of the big bad wolf, in fact, there’s more to fear from a world without wolves at all. Find out why from Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary on March 9th. https://bit.ly/3Yfgvcz

On March 2, join Dr. Susan Modesitt to examine the path to becoming a doctor and the experience of being one! https://bit.ly/3m68Vnu

On February 28th join Dr. Nareissa Smith to examine the Civil Rights movement, including but certainly not limited to the contributions of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. https://bit.ly/3IMH6t9

Nothing rocks and rolls quite like an earthquake, one of nature’s most fascinating events. Join @drwendyrocks on February 28th to explore the causes and processes of earthquakes. https://bit.ly/3kpaqwo

On 2/23, @wondersofwildlife will guide learners through an exploration of turtle adaptations and traits, differences between members of the Testudine order, and appreciation for these amazing animals. https://bit.ly/411lDUs

On 2/22, join @omahachildrensmuseum for an action-packed chemistry lesson that examines the chemical reactions that make glow sticks glow, flames change color, and much, much more. https://bit.ly/3ItHn3Y

On 2/21, students will examine Jim Crow segregation laws, voting restrictions, and other tactics and policies that sought to deny Blacks the freedom promised after the Civil War--and how many of those policies still affect us even today. https://bit.ly/3jXrz06

What kinds of jobs are out there for those of us who love rocks? And how can you start preparing to find one of those careers that’s an absolute gem? Find out in this live, interactive session with geologist @drwendyrocks! https://bit.ly/3XeDaFy

Few aspects of American history generate more misinformation than slavery. Join Nareissa Smith on February 14th to debunk the myths surrounding the slave experience, and explore the painful truth of the antebellum era. https://bit.ly/3HLP2sZ

Sharing @AnthonySalcito's @FutureEdGU about how tutoring can be best leveraged in schools today. Anthony spent decades w/ @MicrosoftEDU and has learned that, like technology, tutoring works best when integrated into the classroom. https://www.future-ed.org/the-promise-and-peril-of-new-teaching-technologies/ @varsitytutors @nrdyinc

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Where is Varsity Tutors headquarters?

Varsity Tutors headquarters is located at St. Louis, MO.

When was Varsity Tutors founded?

Varsity Tutors was founded in 2007.

How many employees does Varsity Tutors have?

Varsity Tutors has 50+ employees.

What is Varsity Tutors's core business?

Varsity Tutors is Internet company.

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