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Vouch Insurance is a new kind of insurance platform for startups. Built by founders for founders, Vouch’s fully digital coverage takes minutes to activate. Vouch is trusted by the biggest names in the startup economy — such as Y Combinator and Silicon Valley Bank — who partner with Vouch because everything from onboarding to claims is designed for startups by experienced founders. Because Vouch is an insurance platform, and not a broker, it works with its clients to manage, mitigate, and avoid risks. Vouch’s founders have built and backed high-growth companies, such as FundingCircle and Root Insurance, and its team of technologists and risk experts come from SVB Capital, NerdWallet, Travelers Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, Lyft, Google, and more. The company has offices in San Francisco and Chicago, and can also be found at vouch.us and on Twitter @Vouch_Group.

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Actions speak louder than words. Throughout the weekend, Vouch remained fully operational and helped founders overcome challenges. SVB has backed our industry for 40 years; now it's our turn as leaders to stand with them. Building the future, together stronger.

We are honored to be recognized by Forbes as one of America's Best Startup Employers of 2023. It is a privilege to be listed among so many remarkable companies. Thank you, Forbes! #insuranceoftech

We're a 2023 YC Top Company! We're thrilled to be on this list alongside many of our fantastic partners including @Rippling, @GustoHQ, @checkr, and @vouch_group. Thank you, @ycombinator! 🎉

Read more here: https://www.ycombinator.com/topcompanies

We’re proud to be named a 2023 @ycombinator Top Company, while also landing on their Breakthrough list which highlights high-growth startups. We are grateful for YC's continued support. See the full list of top companies here:

Looking for a secure way to manage your digital assets?

Look no further than our partners at @FireblocksHQ

Their platform radically simplifies the creation of new blockchain products while also managing their day-to-day digital asset operations.


Thank you to our partners at @SVB_Financial for co-hosting a wonderful dinner and to all the incredible D.C. tech founders that attended. This community of innovators continues to inspire us every day!

“Bad stuff happens no matter how good a company you build, and proper insurance simply has not been available. It’s a massive hole in the operating system for a startup.”

More on #Web3 from @kleebeard in @Fintechnexus

Want to learn how to navigate the current economic downturn like a pro? Our partners at Ramp have shared their top tips in this latest article on their blog. Follow their step-by-step guide here:



“Want to deal with Fortune 500 companies? Their vendors need millions of dollars worth of different insurance types. No insurance? No deal.”

Read more from Director of Web3 @kleebeard on the keys to a healthy Web3 ecosystem in @Fintechnexus

Protect your company and innovate with confidence.

We’re proud to protect @utopialabs_ on their mission to grow a new generation of companies and communities built on transparent, open, and accessible payment rails.

#insuranceoftech #Web3

Great to see so many Vouch clients and partners on this list. Congrats all!

Vouch 🤝 Ramp

We’re teaming up with @tryRamp to help you simplify how you spend – whether that’s on your insurance, or anything else you might need.

Loved by thousands of startups.
#insuranceoftech #fintech

18 months. 3,000 new Web3 startups. $40B raised. 🤯
Why risk it all by not properly protecting your company?

It’s time to insure your Web3 company. #insuranceoftech #Web3

Read more here:

Risk management is the art of balancing protection and growth. Few activities are as delicate a dance as a token launch.
Who do you engage when you’ve facilitated $1.5B in investments like Republic? Upside.
Who did Vouch partner with to help its clients? Upside. @joinupside

"You need somebody on the team who, when things are going great, all they can think about is, 'Oh God, what could possibly go wrong to derail this?'" More advice from Director of Web3 @kleebeard and common mistakes he often sees founders make on @web3breakdowns with @ericgoldenx.

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Where is Vouch Insurance headquarters?

Vouch Insurance headquarters is located at San Francisco, California.

When was Vouch Insurance founded?

Vouch Insurance was founded in 2018.

How many employees does Vouch Insurance have?

Vouch Insurance has 50+ employees.

What is Vouch Insurance's core business?

Vouch Insurance is Insurance company.

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