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The labor platform that connects the best hourly workers to shifts that fit their skills, schedules, and location.

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  • former workwhile employee 24 May 2022 at 21:28 Reply
    Work-Life Balance
    Pay & Benefits

    Workwhile will block you anytime. Better full time jobs. They also send you to jobs that they dont’ tell you they real role. The job can read warehouse and you are sent someone in the dark of the night to work with someone who you might not know who they are…Workwhile also demands doctor’s note in this covid period and will block you if you don’t provide one if you cancel of cold or if your kid get sick. Not a very good job platform for long time engagement.

  • Worker 2 Oct 2022 at 15:44 Reply
    Work-Life Balance
    Pay & Benefits

    Very Limited job availability in Georgia…they seem to think Ollie’s warehouse in commerce Ga is the only place in the world…once you do a few shifts you will notice their app filters will give you less and less day shift offerings..even if you have great work performance reviews..we’ve tried it..we gave it all we had..we hoped that workwhile would turn out to be something legitimate but they start sucking..they put constant adds in Craigslist…the on-boarding is easy but you work a few shifts..and then they spit you out…because the app is your only resource for job availability it soon becomes a deterrancy on your phone keeping you guessing and having to plan a week or 2 in advance to get jobs…what north Georgia needs is a true day labor company to service the people that desire temp work and not be married to one place…Laborfinders in Gainesville is stuck in the mud..and workwhile turns out to be a waste of time too….if someone could start a progressive and active day temp day labor service covering Atlanta up through Highlands Nc…..Dalton Ga over to Clemson SC…you would be a pinnacle powerhouse in the southeastern USA..and let’s hope that gets started and chases these other potholes off

  • Ronnie G Bromley 1 Dec 2022 at 03:06 Reply
    Work-Life Balance
    Pay & Benefits

    They will work you , and ask you to work overtime ,but they won’t pay overtime I’m trying to start a class action lawsuit against this company any one want to join let me know ,number is 9189612715 text me . Because I worked a lot of hours . But it is a federal law that needs to be paid .

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Where is WorkWhile headquarters?

WorkWhile headquarters is located at San Francisco, CA.

When was WorkWhile founded?

WorkWhile was founded in 2019.

How many employees does WorkWhile have?

WorkWhile has 1-19 employees.

What is WorkWhile's core business?

WorkWhile is Internet company.

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