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Led the transition of Assembly from normal production to twelve hour shifts. Managed the largest assembly line in the plant. Supervised a team of forty two operators with a consistent output of over 93% meeting high customer demand while achieving planner forecast goals for the year.

● Contributed key information to deliver adequate evaluations and performance reviews for crew. Assisted Supervisor with counseling notices, maintained training records and on-boarded thirty eight new personnel to the team. Coordinated all vacation leave to balance labor and daily workflow. Updated six work instructions that sustained quality standards and minimized safety violations. Escalated machine and material issues to reduce downtime, scrap-cost and rework man-hours. Assessed and eliminated bottlenecks that impeded on rate throughput.

● Organized a team of assemblers designated to rework units in procurement hold for production and quality discrepancies; leading to an increase in profit sales and warehouse capacity while decreasing over two hundred thousand dollars of vendor backlog orders.

● Temporarily assigned as a Plant Inspector for a large 5S project; oversaw fourteen assembly lines and main walkways. Ensured the overall cleanliness of the plant was sustained and maintained. Enforced the Senior Managers standards, for Annual Executive Board Visit.

● Utility Operator / Material Handler for the second largest assembly line at STIHL inc. Operated various stations to include engines, crankshaft, subassembly and packing. Ordered and stowed over 75 items for four stations. Teamplayer during the line rebalance of higher quota and the introduction of high value machines added to the workcenter. Promoted to a leadership role within twelve months of hire due to strong work performance and large team impact.

● Directly in charge of the inventory, inspection, maintenance and assessment of all Small Arms. Overseer of the correct disassembly and reassembly of all weapons returning from deployment. Regulated the Ordering and replacement of all defective and worn parts. Returned weapons to operational condition for reuse and reissue. Department Representative; assigned to brief Command on all weapons matters of concern, Selected to prepare the division for all quarterly Quality Audits and Inspections.

● Supervised 45 high-risk training evolutions. Ensured the safety of 8,100 recruits. Delivered training to 43,000 recruits annually in Navy Handgun Qualification Course with a 91% Qualification Rate with zero safety mishaps.

● Assisted with a monthly budget allotted to the weapons department. Cross-trained as a Supply Liaison for a department of 400 personnel; communicated to weapons companies and supply corporations to save the Navy’s yearly allowance for 2 consecutive years.

Core Competencies:
SAP GUI / 5S / Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt / UKG / Ultipro / Power BI / Ammo Admin / Master Training Specialist / Ammo Sentencing / Ammo 49 / Ammo 51 / Forklift Driver / ESAMS Coordinator / Hazmat Driver / Weapons Instructor / Range Safety Officer / AA&E Key Custodian / Quality Team Lead / Manufacturing Lead / Assembly Technician / Work Center Supervisor / Operating Systems / Computer Applications / Networking I / Software Logic & Design / UNIX Application / Principles of Cybersecurity / Web Interface Design / Culture and Diversity / Change Management / Positive Psychology / E-commerce and Technology / Applied Project Management / Business Organization and Management / Strategic Planning and Implementation / Intro to HR Management / Process Improvement / Technology Optimization / Management Information System / Marketing and Analytics / Managerial Economics / Managerial Finance / Accounting for Managers / Supply Chain Management / Management and Strategy / Global Management Process / Business Capstone

Professional area


2015 / 2017 Bachelors IT Management @ ECPI university
2017/2019 Masters Degree in Business Management @ ECPI university


2015 / current Assembly Leadman @ STIHL

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