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A diverse background encompassing customer service, accounting assistance, data entry, after-school program management, sales, and hospitality, I bring a comprehensive skill set and a strong commitment to delivering exceptional service. From effectively communicating with contractors and clients to maintaining accurate financial records and fostering positive relationships with stakeholders, I have consistently demonstrated my ability to meet the needs of diverse audiences. Skilled in multitasking, problem-solving, and maintaining a positive attitude, I am adept at thriving in fast-paced environments while ensuring attention to detail and accuracy. Eager to leverage my customer service background and passion for providing outstanding care, I am seeking a new opportunity to contribute my skills and make a positive impact in a customer-centric role.


January 2023 / Current Interior Design @ Orange Coast College


July 2023 / Current Warehouse Associate @ IKEA

As an IKEA employee in the fulfillment position, my daily role revolves around meticulously picking, packing, and shipping customer orders alongside a dynamic team. I take pride in maintaining inventory accuracy, employing precise packaging techniques, and collaborating with colleagues to overcome challenges and meet targets. Thriving under pressure, I excel in time management, utilizing technology tools for order tracking and inventory updates. My commitment to upholding IKEA’s quality standards ensures that every customer receives a satisfying shopping experience and reinforces my integral role within the IKEA family.

January 2023 / June 2023 Accounting Assistant @ Adkison Engineers, Inc. dba Adkan Engineers

Facilitated seamless communication with contractors and subcontractors regarding change orders through effective email and phone correspondence. Provided clients with requested documents, ensuring prompt delivery and meeting their specific requirements. Actively participated in weekly meetings, contributing to collections efforts and financial briefings. Maintained meticulous Excel spreadsheets to track change orders, accounting adjustments, and deductive packages. Collaborated closely with Project Managers to ensure timely and accurate submission of required documents.

January 2021 / December 2022 Data Entry @ Elite Bookkeeping

As a detail-oriented and results-driven Data Entry professional, I possess extensive experience in accurately entering bank statements, inputting transactions, conducting monthly reconciliations, creating comprehensive monthly summaries, and organizing payables and receivables. I have consistently demonstrated my ability to meet deadlines while maintaining data accuracy and integrity. Additionally, I excel in conducting productive weekly meetings with clients, effectively addressing their financial needs and fostering strong relationships. With a proactive approach, I efficiently manage my workload and prioritize tasks to ensure smooth data entry operations. My unwavering commitment to maintaining precise financial records contributes to the seamless functioning of financial processes within organizations.
Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, enabling effective interaction with contractors, subcontractors, clients, and internal teams.

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