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I am a customer facing professional with relationship building experience. I experienced both high volume requests and provided step by step solutions to clients. I created training documents and videos on multiple department processes and received a Core Value award by displaying leadership, collaboration, integrity, innovation.

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2016-2020 BS in Animal Science @ Purdue University

Minors: Biology and Spanish for the Professions


11/21-11/22 Client Services Associate @ United States Drug Testing Laboratories

o Successfully managed multiple independent projects while delivering responsive and professional customer support through phone and email channels with a friendly and patient demeanor to ensure customer satisfaction
o Proficiently diagnosed and resolved technical issues, providing users with step-by-step solutions using SalesForce and LIMS software
o Demonstrated exceptional problem-solving abilities in resolving a wide range of customer inquiries and leveraged strong judgment to determine when issues required escalation through appropriate channels, ensuring swift resolution
o Efficiently managed customer orders by updating client/account details, handling test additions, retests, dispute resolutions, report revisions, and coordinating send-outs
o Diligently executed data entry responsibilities, involving the meticulous creation of new profiles, contacts, and accounts across multiple intricate databases
o Honored with the Core Value Award in recognition of consistently exhibiting leadership, collaboration, integrity, innovation, a sense of true urgency, and a commitment to quality in all aspects of my work
o Lead a comprehensive company-wide presentation addressing the intricate dynamics of substance abuse, recovery, and their impact on individuals, families, and communities

09/20-12/20 Merchandise Associate @ TJMaxx

o Cordially greeted and acknowledged every customer with a warm and professional demeanor, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere
o Delivered swift and attentive customer service, including operating the cash register, to guarantee a remarkable and memorable experience
o Meticulously processed and prepared merchandise for placement on the sales floor, consistently adhering to the company’s established procedures and standards
o Demonstrated efficient inventory management skills by receiving deliveries, organizing products, and restocking items on the sales floor

05/19-08/19 Veterinary Tech Intern @ Riverdale Animal Hospital

o Actively participated in various surgical procedures, such as spays, neuters, toe amputations, and perineal urethrostomies, and providing vital assistance
o Performed comprehensive blood and chemistry analyses utilizing cutting-edge equipment such as the IDEXX Catalyst One and IDEXX Catalyst Dx
o Provided comprehensive care to animals, encompassing the restraint of animals during procedures, meticulous vaccine preparation, precise nail trimming, soothing baths, and the administration of essential fluids
o Took on the responsibility of training a newly hired employee over a two-week period, guiding them through daily duties and performance standards

02/19-05/19 Veterinary Technician @ Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic

o Diligently prepared animals for surgery by sterilizing surgical sites, while closely shadowing the administration of sedatives and anesthetics
o Simultaneously monitored multiple animals during surgery, recording the surgeon’s findings, ensuring optimal post-operative care
o Maintained cleanliness standards and operational efficiency by sterilizing surgical instruments, organizing surgical packs, and efficiently managing essential supply inventories
o Provided attentive post-surgical monitoring to promptly detect and address any potential complications, prioritizing the animals’ well-being and a smooth recovery process

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