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Dedicated and results-driven executive with a strong background in coordinating and supporting creative marketing campaigns within diverse industries. Leveraging over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry, I am passionate about narrative storytelling’s transformative power to inspire change. I firmly believe that storytelling, when artfully harnessed, has the potential to resonate deeply with audiences, forging emotional connections that drive brand loyalty and meaningful engagement. My enthusiasm for strategic brand communication is complemented by exceptional writing and leadership abilities. I am deeply committed to nurturing seamless collaboration among cross-functional teams, crafting persuasive marketing strategies, and cultivating valuable industry partnerships. I am well-prepared to drive the success of marketing initiatives and contribute to the continued growth and innovation of a dynamic marketing team.

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2011-2015 A Bachelor of Arts (BA) @ St. Lawrence University


June 2022 - May 2023 Manager of TV Development and Production @ Fifth Season fka Endeavor Content

• Spearheaded the development of new television shows through identifying compelling concepts, assessing pitches, packaging key creative elements, and collaborating with writers and producers to refine scripts/pitches alongside our affiliated producers
• Worked in tandem with notable production entities including Amy Adam’s Bond Group Ent, Bruna Papendrea’s Made Up Stories, Liza Chasin’s 3dot Ent, Drake’s Dreamcrew, Joel Stillerman’s Content Superba, Joy Gorman’s Joy Coalition, Emma Robert’s Belletrist, Laura Lewis’ Rebelle Media and Matt Kaplan’s Ace Entertainment
• Formulated comprehensive strategies for our creative teams, guiding them in effectively pitching each project to the market to secure optimal commitments from potential buyers
• Proactively identified and tracked promising scripts, literary works, articles, short films, and podcasts with potential for adaptation, ensuring a constant pipeline of engaging content
• Orchestrated the successful sale of a half hour dramedy created by and starring BIG MOUTH’s Brandon Kyle Goodman to HBO Max
• Cultivated and nurtured relationships with industry representatives, talent, and prospective buyers, acquiring invaluable insights into their narrative preferences and genre inclinations
• Organized marketing campaigns and promotional events for upcoming television shows with keen strategy based on target audiences
• Played a pivotal role in negotiations concerning intellectual property (IP) and talent contracts, demonstrating an adept understanding of contractual intricacies

August 2020 - June 2022 Coordinator of TV Development and Production @ Fifth Season fka Endeavor Content

• Orchestrated and facilitated weekly departmental and cross-functional meetings, collaborating closely with department heads to curate purposeful agendas that drove productivity and effective communication
• Supervised a comprehensive array of departmental grids, monitoring over 200 active projects spanning diverse stages of development, encompassing business affairs negotiations, pitch schedules, and production timelines
• Diligently scouted and presented new writers, directors, and intellectual property to our associated production partners, consistently contributing to the enhancement of creative offerings
• Compiled and maintained talent lists for packaging and staffing opportunities for our upcoming projects
• Assumed responsibility for managing departmental expenditures, ensuring seamless processing and accurate documentation
• Oversaw the on-boarding and training of new team members fostering a cohesive and proficient workforce
• Responsible for providing c-suite executives with weekly Fifth Season project updates to ensure clear upward communication and keep development and production teams on track

January 2020 - August 2020 Executive Assistant to Co-President, Chris Rice @ Fifth Season fka Endeavor Content

• Coordinated international travel arrangements and orchestrated meetings during prominent industry events such as MIPCOM, Cannes, Venice, and Berlin Film Festivals, ensuring seamless logistics and a productive experience
• Managed a dynamic calendar, adeptly prioritizing and communicating scheduling intricacies, resulting in optimized efficiency and alignment with the Co-President’s needs
• Facilitated seamless communication flows to and from the executive office, enhancing workflow and information dissemination
• Crafted agendas and comprehensive company-wide briefings for senior-level executive meetings led by Mark Shapiro, President of Endeavor, fostering informed decision-making

• Led the oversight of expansive in-house gatherings and work sessions, coordinating IT requirements, administrative functions, catering, and other crucial details to ensure flawless event execution
• Successfully orchestrated the Fifth Season annual retreat in Palm Springs, encompassing venue reservations, hotel accommodations, catering arrangements, agenda development, and IT coordination, resulting in a productive and cohesive experience
• Prepared and reviewed expense reports, analyzing compliance with guidelines before submitting for necessary approvals

March 2019 - December 2020 Executive Assistant to SVP of TV Development and Production, Noah Greenshner @ Fifth Season fka Endeavor Content

• Efficiently managed incoming calls and arranged meetings, showcasing strong organizational skills
• Demonstrated proactive engagement by critically evaluating incoming submissions, ongoing development, and samples from writers and directors, offering valuable creative feedback
• Coordinated weekly project discussions involving producers, physical production teams, and network executives, fostering collaboration and effective project advancement
• Engaged professionally with high-profile talent, producers, and studio executives, facilitating smooth communication and relationship management
• Conducted astute talent scouting, identifying emerging screenwriters and playwrights poised for future projects and alignment with our affiliated production companies

July 2017 – March 2019 Executive Assistant to VPs Kevin Wandell and Lindsay Donohue @ FX Networks

• Orchestrated the strategic scheduling of pitches, general meetings, and travel logistics for two Vice Presidents, while adeptly handling substantial call volumes across dual offices
•Thoughtfully assessed and deliberated over all incoming submissions and development ventures, ensuring alignment with the distinctive FX brand
• Held accountability for comprehensive assessments and meticulous organization of incoming scripts and pitch material, simultaneously maintaining internal tracking grids to efficiently manage incoming materials inventory
• Skillfully oversaw multifaceted tracking grids, encompassing external pilot/series pickups, production deals (PODS), writer/director needs, and industry benchmarks, ensuring an up-to-date competitive edge

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