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As a dedicated and results-driven professional with a passion for sports-oriented event management and media representation. I seek a challenging position where I can leverage my experience in delivering exceptional athletic programs, organizing successful events, and fostering positive athlete development. Committed to utilizing my strong leadership skills, attention to detail, and collaborative mindset to contribute to the growth and success of an organization in the sports industry. Open to exploring opportunities in event management, coaching, or related roles that allow me to make a meaningful impact and drive positive outcomes for athletes and teams.


2017/2022 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Marketing Management Concentration @ California State University, Easy Bay


2022 Age Group Swim Coach @ University of Denver

 Successfully manage and enhance the organization’s social media presence, including creating captivating graphics and visuals that align with brand identity.
 Led the creation of a comprehensive program for the annual summit and educational training, effectively aligning the organization’s offerings with its goals.
 Collaborate closely with the CEO and CFO, securing their approval and ensuring content alignment with organization values and objectives. Overcame challenges related to various state laws and LGBTQIA+ policies with a focus in Virginia by conducting research and incorporating compliance measures into social media strategies.
 Stay current with evolving social media trends and best practices, incorporating the latest strategies to maintain a competitive edge.

2023 Social Media Consultant @ Lean In Project VA

 Certified USA Swimming I coach a group of 40 swimmers, aged 9-12, focusing on improving their swimming skills and ensuring their safety. Developed and executed tailored practice plans to enhance stroke technique, resulting in notable improvements in swimmers’ performance and qualifying several athletes for championship meets. Implemented effective drill-based training methods to refine swimmers’ strokes and deepen their understanding of swimming principles.
 Fostered positive relationships with parents through regular communication, addressing their concerns, and keeping them informed about their children’s progress.
 Utilized sports technology, such as Meet Manager and Team Manager, to enhance the swim meet experience for participants and spectators, ensuring accurate and timely results, fostering a positive brand image, and encouraging participation in future event.
 Spearheaded the coordination of food orders for travel meets, ensuring athletes and coaches received proper nutrition to optimize performance.
 Created engaging graphics for the team’s Instagram account, highlighting achievements, promoting athlete development, and informing the audience about opportunities for improvement in both education and athletic performance.

2020/2023 Shift Lead @ Nekter Juice Bar

 Demonstrated exceptional leadership as a shift lead in a fast-paced food industry environment. Provided training and guidance to new hires on shift procedures, opening and closing protocols, and register operations.
 Collaborated with a team of 3-4 individuals during each shift, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional customer service. Managed inventory and replenishment to ensure all necessary items were in stock, effectively communicating with suppliers and restocking as needed.
 Fostered a customer-centric environment, greeting and engaging with customers to deliver exceptional service and exceed their expectations. Developed and maintained excellent relationships with regular customers, fostering a welcoming and personalized experience to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by engaging in meaningful conversations, remembering names and orders, and ensuring customers felt valued and comfortable throughout their experience.
 Attained the position of shift lead within an impressive timeframe of less than 6 months, showcasing exceptional dedication and leadership skills. Earned trust and recognition for being entrusted with opening duties and training responsibilities, surpassing the responsibilities typically assigned to team members.
 Exhibited exceptional organizational skills during high-volume periods, streamlining processes and optimizing team efficiency to meet demanding order requirements promptly.

2018/2022 Lead Event Staff @ California State, East Bay

 Organized, set up, and maintained successful tournaments for the NCAA Women’s Basketball West Region, ensuring smooth event operations and exceptional guest experiences. Actively participated in hosting alumni events, annual athlete banquets, and fundraising events, contributing to the financial success of the institution, and supporting charitable causes.
 Led and coordinated a team of 10-15 event staff members to deliver exceptional sports events, implementing strategic marketing initiatives to enhance brand visibility, increase attendance, and generate excitement among fans, resulting in heightened event experiences and improved fan engagement.
 Provided exceptional customer service and engagement, effectively addressing patrons’ inquiries, and fostering positive interactions to create a memorable event atmosphere, ultimately strengthening brand loyalty, and driving repeat attendance.
 Leveraged advanced sports statistics software, including Stat Crew and Live Stats, to capture and disseminate real-time game data and scores, enhancing the overall fan experience and facilitating engaging content for marketing and promotional purposes across various channels.
 Played a vital role in developing and executing innovative marketing campaigns, collaborating with stakeholders to host alumni events, organizing the annual athlete banquet, and driving fundraising efforts, resulting in increased sponsorships, community support, and revenue generation for the university’s athletic program.

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