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Innovative and results-driven, I bring a rich background in marketing and consumer satisfaction, combining creativity, strategic thinking, and business acumen to drive success in every endeavor. My journey has been a fusion of creative exploration from film and television production, complemented by a Master of Business Administration from Cornell University, where I found my stride at the intersection of art and commerce.

During my tenure as an MBA Candidate at Cornell SC Johnson Graduate School of Management, I had the privilege of serving as the President of the Johnson New Ventures Club, focusing on entrepreneurship and venture capital, and was honored with the Roy H. Park Leadership Fellowship.

Before embarking on my MBA journey, I graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in Film and Television Production and a minor in Anthropology. My early career saw me working with major players in the television industry, including Netflix, TNT, and various independent film companies. Subsequently, I ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing my own production company, specializing in pre-production budgeting, funding, and script adaptations.

My journey then led me to the financial education sector, where I contributed to the mission of WealthFitβ€”an online financial literacy education company committed to making financial literacy accessible and actionable for all. Here, I had the privilege of empowering hundreds of entrepreneurs and learners of all ages to develop a business mindset and acquire the skills necessary for financial freedom.

Let’s connect and explore how my diverse experiences can contribute to your network and potentially collaborate on exciting projects.


2021/2023 MBA @ Cornell University
2012/2015 Bachelors of Fine Arts in Film and Television Production @ New York University


2019/2021 Product Manager @ WealthFit
2017/2019 Founder @ Ice Fog Entertainment

My company specializes in crafting and executing comprehensive brand and marketing strategies for a diverse portfolio of companies, resulting in substantial improvements in market visibility, heightened customer engagement, and remarkable revenue growth.

Project Management Excellence: Proficiently orchestrated multiple projects concurrently, consistently meeting budget constraints, and ensuring timely or even ahead-of-schedule product deliveries.

Strategic Workforce Planning: Formulated and executed effective hiring strategies, aligning team and project needs with the right talent. Skillfully screened candidate applicants, ensuring a perfect match for the task at hand.

Strategic Marketing Initiatives: Spearheaded impactful marketing campaigns for companies, strategically utilizing various social media platforms to enhance search engine optimization (SEO) and boost online visibility.

Talent Acquisition and Pipeline Development: Established and nurtured a robust network of qualified applicants, addressing both immediate and future staffing needs.

Client-Centric Approach: Collaborated closely with clients to meticulously understand their requirements and priorities, paving the way for the development of highly effective success strategies.

2016/2016 Show Runner's Assistant @ Warner Media

Assistant to show runner Tom Kelley from preproduction through production on the television pilot “Civil” by TNT Network.Strategic

Project Collaboration: Collaborated closely with project executives to gain insights into crucial actions and critical paths essential for project success within a complex and dynamic environment.

Efficient Meeting Coordination: Assumed responsibility for documenting, disseminating, and coordinating meeting agendas, including advanced material coordination and follow-up actions with project executives.

Script Enhancement Expertise: Meticulously edited and screened scripts, proactively identifying and addressing potential issues to enhance script quality.

Effective Communication: Demonstrated exceptional written and verbal communication skills to ensure clear understanding and flawless execution of complex, interdependent tasks.

2016/2016 Writer's Assistant @ Racket Squad Productions
2015/2016 Production Assistant @ Sony Pictures Entertainment

Interned under the direct guidance of Baz Luhrmann during the production of the Netflix TV Show “The Get Down,” actively contributing from pre-production through post-production phases.

Resource Management Innovation: Pioneered an efficient process for managing and coordinating resources across diverse production locations, ensuring the seamless execution of activities.

Effective Communication with Leadership: Maintained open and clear communication channels, both written and verbal, directly with project executives to foster a shared understanding of ongoing activities and objectives.

Streamlined Communication Handling: Managed high volumes of internal and external communications, including emails, postings, and voicemails, adeptly prioritizing and addressing those requiring immediate attention.

Proficient Report and Correspondence Writing: Produced numerous reports and correspondence, translating guidance, dictation, and notes into concise and effective written materials.

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