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Altmetric is a leading provider of research metrics to scholarly publishers, funders and institutions. It tracks and collates the online dissemination and conversations surrounding individual research outputs, delivering data through an API and an analytics package called the Altmetric Explorer.

Founded in 2011, Altmetric is based in London and has a strong focus on engineering and data science know-how.

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With altmetrics, #pharmaceutical companies can gain a better measure of the broader societal impacts of their #research and products. Find out how our technology helps your team widen the scope of understanding your Share of Voice! http://ow.ly/YocN50NixJ5

Are you interested in the best way to identify who the most influential voices in your field are? Find out how at our #webinar. Get your place now: http://ow.ly/fIBN50NroW5

Our consulting and #analytics services make it possible to transform the #research questions that you have into concrete answers at scale, in near real-time. Mike Taylor, the Head of Data Insights at @digitalsci explains how. ▶️ http://ow.ly/tjqP50NixHs #DataDriven

Over the past year, we focused heavily on growing our policy database in a way that emphasizes global coverage.

Learn about our ever-expanding list of policy sources: http://ow.ly/Xic850NiwLK #research #DataDriven

We probably don't need to tell you that #PlasticPollution in our oceans is a pressing issue. What we can tell you is the impact that #research is having on providing a solution!

Read our full report here: http://ow.ly/BeEY50Niwr9 @SDG2030

Ready to take a #DataDriven approach to understanding the influence of your #pharma research? 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️ Find out how our robust technology and dashboards make it so you can interpret your Scientific Share of Voice with ease! http://ow.ly/IHWi50NiwqJ

We track thousands of online conversations and then present them back to you in customized visual and interactive dashboards, so you can easily interpret the data. Learn more http://ow.ly/t3Jp50MZ2A0 #Pharma

Understanding the influence of someone’s research from over half a century ago can be difficult. But, by using @DSDimensions & Altmetric we can get a sense of how research from the past lives on in research in the here & now. Learn more #WomensHistoryMonth http://ow.ly/kXXt50Nc3Km

Join our webinar to learn how to use unique @DSDimensions and Altmetric data to find global KOL and identify KOLs that are also online influencers. Register now http://ow.ly/Fvbt50NmnHn

💭 Imagine a world where you can access the data you need when and where you need to. Our APIs allow you to do just that! See how our solution enables you to make #DataDriven decisions using Altmetric data to perform unique analyses. ▶️ http://ow.ly/eUAc50Niyl8

Tracking and measuring conversations on digital platforms is vital in measuring a #pharmaceutical brand’s influence. Our data increasingly have the ability to detect the tone of conversations, known as #SentimentAnalysis. Learn more http://ow.ly/bRrw50L5Vgx

We have a brand-new look! We are excited to welcome you to the new Altmetric website - with improved navigation and user experience; we hope you will love it as much as we do! Take a look today http://ow.ly/8eja50Np51Y and let us know what you think 😍

#altmetric #newwebsite

What role does #research play in addressing #ClimateChange? We put together a report using @altmetric and Dimensions data.

Some key findings include current disparities in climate research and types of geographical variation.

Take a look ⬇️

How is your #OpenAccess performance comparing to non open access performance? We've been developing a series of journals benchmark reports to give you the answers you need.

Learn more ▶️ http://ow.ly/L0Mi50NiylX #research

We're ready to welcome you at @arisimpacts 2023! Pop by our stand to learn more about how @Symplectic Elements, @DSDimensions & @altmetric can help you track and manage the impact of your research. #impacts23 #BroaderImpacts #ARIS

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Where is Altmetric headquarters?

Altmetric headquarters is located at London.

When was Altmetric founded?

Altmetric was founded in 2011.

How many employees does Altmetric have?

Altmetric has 20-29 employees.

What is Altmetric's core business?

Altmetric is Information Technology & Services company.

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